Feeling the love

Jen was a smart young girl, who was ready to move on, but as she trys moving on she finds herself in a very awkward place with lots of guys.


3. who's that

when i woke up the next morning i took a shower put my make up on and got dressed in my dark blue skinnys, my white jack wills shirt, my leather jacket and some black hightops then i walked into the kitchen and i rememberd i didnt pack any food, then i came to me the blonde babe in room 13 must have food so i rang the doorbell and waited and waited then i realized the door was unlocked, no i shouldnt i cant just walk in but i can and im soso hungry so i slowly opend the door looked around and on the couch were five very very hot guys one was the blonde babe with that amzayn accent, but i kept going i found the frige and opend it but there was no Food! "you got to be jokeing" i yelled then somthing moved i droped to floor luckly i was behinde i island in the kithen.

then a guy with dark brown hair walked right past me and opend the frige and then yelled "NIAL YOU ate all the food" and turned around and looked at the pile of boys, they all jumped up and ran to the frige, i took this as my chance to make a run for it so i slowly called to the door, "hey who's that?" one of them yelled, "i dont know," "ohh hey jen," Nial called as i stood up they all looked at me except Nial who was still looking in the frige

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