Feeling the love

Jen was a smart young girl, who was ready to move on, but as she trys moving on she finds herself in a very awkward place with lots of guys.


1. moving on

"Jen honey its time for you to start getting ready," "ok mom, thanks" I said as i jumped out of bed and into the shower.I paused as i thought for a seconde, what am i doing I cant just leave my family and friends, i quickley reasherd my self and got out of the shower "ok now what to ware" i said to myself.

I started to run towards my closet and soon had all my clothes laying there, i picked out a pair of skinny jeans with some white high tops and slouchy sweater, i then realized i hadent even started on my hair and makeup. I had only 10 minuets left, I ran over to the miror and put on some basic makeup mascara, coverup and some eye liner, then i started to straighten my light  hazel brown hair, when i was finished i grabd my siut case and whent down stares.

were my mom and dad were eating breakfast, i put the suit case by the door and grabed a bowl of fruit loops and sat down beside my dad who turned around and asked for a hug, i did and then sat back down and muched on my cereal thinking that i was leaving this house my college my friends then i gave myself a mental slap in the face and told myself that i could do this.

when it was time for me to go there was lots of hugs and kisses, i droped my suit case in the back of my vW gulf rabbit  and got in, i knew were i was going i was on my way to my new aparetment in new york, what iv wanted to do since i was 16.

I blasted the music and started of on my journey, just a hour more and your there "its time to start over .




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