Fifteen year old Casey Jasper is back at school now. I guess you could call her popular, since she has almost anything a girl could ever want/need. Her best friend, Cassandra Jink, drags her to a concert. The band just happened to be One Direction, Cassandra's favorite band. Which just happened to be that Casey hated the band. When Cassy drags Casey backstage, things all go down hill from there.


1. It's A Surprise

   I brushed my hair out of my face. My tight, black, super skinny jeans clung to me. A slight draft entered the school hall. I shivered. My tight, blue, tank-top wasn't doing it's job of keeping me warm. At least I had a sheer, white sweater to keep me warm. It helped a bit. Not even after one minuet after I brushed my hair back, it was back and covering my face. I pushed it back once more. Suddenly, Cassandra ran up to my side.

"Hey!" She said, giving me a one arm hug. Cassy loves hugs, but she annoys me sometimes with the amount of hugs I receive from her in a day. Lately she's been learning to keep her amount of hugs limited. I don't mind the fact that she hugs me, but I'm just not a huger.

"Hey." I said, turning my head to smile at her. Her eyes scanned me from top to bottom. She didn't look very pleased. I could tell because she was taking off her leather jacket and was going to give it to me. Although it was kind of her, I shook my head no. Her face changed and a frown took the place. I gave her a 'are-you-alright?' smile. She nodded, reassuring me. Cassy looked over at me.

"You me, concert. Friday night." I gave her a confused look. Wait. What the hell was the band/singer? Cassy seemed to read my mind.

"It's a surprise." She said, a smile crept upon her face. I don't know if I was to react surprised or slightly confused. The bell rang, interrupting my thoughts. Cassy said something that I couldn't head. I had zoned out. It seemed like she was saying bye, so I waved at her. I didn't know if that was the right action, but I had to get to Mr. Cilink's History class. I started walking down the hall towards his room. I had finally found the door and entered. All eyes were placed on me. It seemed as if it where a drill we made up. I walk in the room and every pair of eyes are on me. I feel like my life came out of a movie script. But it didn't. The only seat left was next to Troy Subanit. He was supposed to be the hottest guy in school. I thought of him as the lamest. I looked over at Mr. Cilink.

"Ah, yes. Miss Jasper." He said and gestured towards the seat next to Troy. Glumly, I took the seat. I shot a death glare at Troy, just encase he got any ideas. I turned around to face the Black Bored. Mr. Cilink shot me a glare then started teaching the lesson. I started getting bored so I pulled out my phone and started texting Cassy. Hey girl. The concert. Okay, you're killing me. What band/singer are we going to see? Not soon after I received a text back. I can't tell you, it's a surprise! Plus, if  Mrs. Conell finds out I'm texting she'll kill me. Here see comes now. Bye. Well that was a waist of my time. I knew Cassy would never spill about what band/singer we'd be listening to at the concert. I slipped my phone back in my back pocket. A few minuets later, it started to vibrate. I pull out my phone. I had a text message from Cass. P.S. It's a band. 83 That helps, not.

   It seems as if my life is flying by. I'm now stuck in Math class, waiting 30 more seconds before  can escape this prison. I start counting down in my head. Leaving in, five, four, three, two. That's all I could count to before the bell interrupted me. I jumped from my seat and ran out the door. I passed two long rows of lockers before finally reaching to mine, #306. I did my three digit code; 7, 7, 7. I'm surprised no one has figured it out yet. I stuff my books in my locker and head to the poison I'm supposed to call lunch. It takes me no time at all to get to the cafeteria. There was a long line. I didn't mind, since I could live a bit longer before I was poisoned. I was next in line. I grabbed a tray and started to pick out my lunch. I grabbed a Ceaser Salad and some Greek Yogurt. On top of that I also got a bowl of fruits. I looked around, spotting Cassy at the farthest table in the back. My feet lead me to where she was. I dropped my tray in front of her. I looked at what she had got; chocolate cake and steak. I wrinkled my nose. She didn't seem to pleased by my tray either. We sat all though lunch talking about the concert. While a table away, some girls kept talking about how One Direction had a concert going on Friday.

   That made me start to think. No! Cassy wouldn't drag me to those guy's concert. Would she? I hoped the answer was no. Thursday flew by me. By the time Friday came, Cassy was freaking out about the concert. Once Friday was here, all she could talk about how amazing it would be to meet them. At lunch I kept calm, but she was really started to get on my nerves.

"What about the tickets. Got them?" I asked her at lunch today. She smiled, pulling out four tickets from her pocket. I swallowed my chicken. She showed me the backstage passes and tickets.

"How the shit did you get these?" I said, almost chocking on my Greek Yogurt that I was now eating. She smiled at me.

"The power of money." I laughed. The question 'What band are we going to see?' popped into my mind. She seem to read my mind and shook her head no. I nodded. Damn.

"I'll pick you up at five. Got to go. Class starts soon for me." I nodded, letting her go. I still really wanted to know what band. After school, I went to my parking spot; B1. There was my flashy, silver car. I opened the door and got in. Buckling myself, I headed to the mall. The wind was in my face and it didn't take long for me to get to the mall. I got out of my car and went into Dillards, JC Penny, ect. I bought some lipstick, make-up, white high-tops, ripped, white skinny jeans and a black tang-top. I left the mall after paying and got in my car, driving away. I reached my house soon. I pulled into the driveway. Taking my bags in, I went inside and went up to my room. It was 4:23pm. I had a few minuets to get ready. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I dried off and then I slipped into my new cloths. I teased my hair and applied make-up.

  I took a look at my clock. It was 5:00pm. Perfect, I thought. I heard three honks and started walking downstairs. I muttered something under my breath and opened the door.

"Hey." Cass said, smiling. I returned the favor and hoped in the passenger seat. I buckled up and then she pulled out of my driveway.  Reaching her hand for the radio, I watched as she chose out a song. One Direction came on. I slumped down in my seat.

"I hate this band." I muttered so Cassy wouldn't hear. My plan failed because she turned her head to look at me. I smiled. She looked at me then looked away. I growled. Soon we reached the concert. A bunch of screaming fans were outside, trying to get in. We pushed through the crowd, handing the guy or tickets. We found out seats and the concert began. Again, I couldn't wait 30 more seconds to see what band was going to be playing. She nodded towards the stage, smiling. Suddenly, on stage where five guys; Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry. I looked over at Cassy. She was looking at Louis. I elbowed her. She gave me a "sh" and a glare was thrown towards me. I knew that meant I had to enjoy, or somewhat pretend to like it. The concert started off with "One Thing" and ended with "Up All Night". I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to get out of there. But suddenly, I remembered the backstage passes. Lord no. Cassy was going to drag me backstage so she could meet them. I sighed. After the concert ended, Cassy did as I predicted. We showed the guy our passes and he let us go backstage. Cassy started to freak out. I just looked at her like she was on drugs.

  Finally, she found the room that held a big star on the door. Under it read the words; One Direction. She opened the door and started to hyperventilate. I don't know if anyone else noticed but I did. She did sorta a whisper scream.

"One Direction."

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