Fifteen year old Casey Jasper is back at school now. I guess you could call her popular, since she has almost anything a girl could ever want/need. Her best friend, Cassandra Jink, drags her to a concert. The band just happened to be One Direction, Cassandra's favorite band. Which just happened to be that Casey hated the band. When Cassy drags Casey backstage, things all go down hill from there.


3. I Can't Even

   It didn't take long to get to my house. We talked about nothing. I knew the word would spread, because of Cassy. Being to mad at her to even speak, I got out of the car door, slamming it. I rushed up the stairs to my front door, then I reached my hand out to open the door. Suddenly, I stopped. An urge made me want to turn around and apologize, but Cassy had already took off. I sighed and relaxed a little. For one thing, I could always call her. Plus, I'd see her on Monday. Turning around, I unlocked the door and went inside. My mom was still at work, so I didn't need to worry about her hounding how the concert went. I set down my iPod on the kitchen's counter top and went into the living room. While grabbing the remote, I quickly sat down. Even if Cassy wasn't there, it still felt like she was present with me. She'd always grab the remote before I could even get a chance and put on something that I'd hate. But tonight, it was just me and a huge flat screen TV. I looked over at the table across the couch. And the phone. Looking away, the thought about calling Cassy didn't enter my mind. I held the remote in one hand and turned on the TV. I flipped thought the channels, getting bored. Finally I found out Titanic was on and left it.

   It was the already at the iceberg now. Knowing what was going to happen, I walked into the kitchen to get some food. Opening the freezer, I saw some ice cream. It reminded me of the time Cassy and I got two ice cream cones. I remember getting Mint Chocolate while Cass just got Chocolate. She claimed Mint Chocolate to be to 'minty'. 'Well duh, oaf.' I said, pushing my ice cream cone into her nose. Even if I couldn't see her nose, I knew she was wrinkling it in disgust. I had a laughing fit. My mind went back to the present time. I was laughing really hard by now. I suddenly stopped and with it I swallowed a few laughs that where about to escape my lips. Walking around, I held the ice cream carton in one hand and went to get a spoon. Picking out the spoon I walked back to the couch. Getting comfy, the phone started to ring. I groaned and picked up the phone. Looking at the caller ID, it didn't show a number. Shrugging it off, I picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I asked, awaiting the voice that I'd been soon greeted by. When the voice answered, I was completely shocked. It was Niall. Out of all the people that could have called, Niall did. Groaning once more, I listened to what he had to say.

"How the fuck did you get my phone number?" I asked through the phone, knowing he'd come up with some good lie, just like most people. I could almost feel him smiling through the phone.

"Just open the door." Is all he said. I was a bit confused. Following the instructions, I walked over to the door and opened it. Standing there in shock, I didn't even notice when I dropped the phone. A tall Irish man was standing before me. Or as you guys like to call him; Niall.

"H-how? H-how did you get my number and address?" I stuttered. Shaking his head, he laughed. His blue eyes looking right into mine.

"Phone book." I scanned him from top to bottom. Lying.

"Nice bullshit answer. Try again." I said, leaning against my door. He mouthed the word 'friend' to me. Putting the pieces together, I realized that Cassy must have gave the guys our phone numbers and addresses. Muttering under my breath, I started to close the door. Before I could do so, Niall put his foot in the way. Smiling at me, he came inside.

"Nice place you got." He said, scanning around before facing the TV. Cursing under my breath, I didn't noticed what he had said. Closing the door, I shot him a glare and went back to watching my movie. It's been about ten minuets since Niall has been here and I have no clue what he is doing. Since I couldn't hear anything but the TV, I didn't worry myself. Suddenly, I felt an arm being draped around my shoulders. I looked at him. He was now sitting next to me, cuddling me. Truly, I actually didn't mind it. I looked up at him, then I looked back at the TV.  We, well I, was at the part of the movie where a boat of twelve where going back to see if anyone had made it. No one made it accept for Rose and three people. Looking at all the people in the water, I saw a mother holding her frozen child in her arms. Both dead. Can't blame them, it was 32 in the water. That's damn freezing. I could feel tears swelling up in my eyes. Niall was playing with my hair, almost felt like he was trying to calm me down. His attempt didn't really help, but I was thankful at the attempt. Calming myself down, the movie ended. Getting up, I notice Niall was in control of the remote now.

"I'm going to bed." I said, yawing. Niall seemed to nod. But I didn't give a damn about what he did. Since I had nothing better to do, I might as well sleep all my thoughts off. It was really the only thing worth while. Walking up the flight of stairs, I soon reached my door. Slowly opening the door, I walked into the bathroom and changed into my night things. I looked in the mirror. My make-up was still on, so I took it off. After taking off my make-up, I opened the bathroom door and climbed in bed. The soft, silk sheets felt good against my warm body. Without thinking, I quickly fell asleep. 

Note from author; Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading! It means a lot. It'd also mean a lot if you'd comment. I need some ideas for new characters. Mainly looking for three. One boy and two girls. If you'd like to have your character in this book all you need to do is put; name, looks, personality and age. Thank you . ^ . ^

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