Fifteen year old Casey Jasper is back at school now. I guess you could call her popular, since she has almost anything a girl could ever want/need. Her best friend, Cassandra Jink, drags her to a concert. The band just happened to be One Direction, Cassandra's favorite band. Which just happened to be that Casey hated the band. When Cassy drags Casey backstage, things all go down hill from there.


4. Damn You

   Waking up, I left someone laying by my side. Tired as I am, I looked over at the person by my side. His arm draped around my waist. I turn over onto my other side and come face to face with a sleepy Niall. Suddenly, without thinking, I sit up and scream my lungs out. Looking back at Niall, I can see his blue eyes looking at me with a blank expression.

"What the hell did you do that for?" He asks me, sitting up. I look at him like he's worthless, crazy, stupid.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I scream at him. He seems to get the point that I screamed because I woke up and I found a guy sleeping next to me. Suddenly, all last nights memories flooded into my brain all at once. The concert, the phone conversation and then Niall showed up. Also, I remember the movie and his lame attempt of trying to comfort me.

   Letting out a sigh, I get up and push Niall out of the bed. He gives me this, 'what-the-hell-are-you-doing?' look. Giving a laugh, I ignore him and continue to start making the bed. Once he sees what I'm doing, he jumps on the bed, making it impossible in order to make it. Shaking my head, I give up. My next step or well, thought is to get dressed ASAP. Walking over to my dresser, I take out a pair of black, super skinny jeans. Along with it I grab a silver tang-top and a pair of my White High tops. I look back at Niall to see he had fallen asleep again. I walk over to the bathroom and get dressed.

   Quiet as possible, I close the bathroom door and begin to take a shower. After my shower I start to dry off get dressed into my selected cloths. By the time I've teased my hair and have opened the bathroom door, Niall is awake. I look over at him. A smile creeps on his face, like a spider does on its prey. I wasn't sure if I was to be scared or to gladly accept the smile as a gift.

"What for breakfast?" Oh so now he wants to eat? One track mind that one has. Rolling my eyes, I open the door. Niall is just looking at me. I roll my eyes once more and mouth the words; 'follow me' to him. He gets up from his position on the bed and follows me quietly down the flight of stairs that just seem to go on forever. Finally, I reach the bottom of the stairs. Walking calmly towards the kitchen, Niall runs ahead like a mad man. Once I start to make my breakfast of a Greek Yogurt and fruit, he starts to shake his head. I smile, almost telling him that I'm fine but for I got the chance to do so, he grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me out to his car. It was black and flashy. Something about guys and flashy cars. I shrugged the thought of as he opened the passenger's side. Thanking him, I got in and without even opening the door, he jumped in the car.

   I admit, that was sorta cool. My jaw was hanging open, sorta. But I tried to ignored it an put on my seat belt. Niall did the same and he took off. I knew it was pointless to even ask were we where going, because I wouldn't get an answer out of him. His hand reached for the radio and their song One Thing was on. His part soon came and he sang along to the words. 'Now I'm climbing the walls, but you don't notice at all,
that I'm going out of my mind, all day and all night
.' I actually thought it was cute and sweet. He seemed to be singing to me when he sang. I smiled at him and listened to the rest of the song.

   We soon reached out destination, McDonalds. I groaned and Niall took notice of it, but he just smiled. I got a little ticked off by that, but brushed it off. Putting on shades, he handed me a pair. Knowing why we needed these, I put them on without a question. We walked in hand in hand into McDonalds. While Niall ordered our food, I was told to go get a seat. I choose out two seats at a table facing a booth. Very soon, Niall came over with out food. I looked at the tray. Crap. All crap, I thought. He only ordered two chocolate milks and two cinnamon rolls. I groaned. He titled his head then picked up a chocolate milk and gulped it down. He picked up on of the cinnamon rolls and wolfed them down. I slowly ate in silence and finished my breakfast a few minuets after. Niall looked over at me.

   He could tell something was on mind. Which, something was. I know it's only been a day since Cass and I talked, but really. My mind went into worry mode. Niall seemed to notice. He lifted my chin up, so I could see his face. Leaning in, he softly kissed me on the lips. I didn't fight back this time.

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