Just Friends

I'd done it again. Once more, we'd gone that little bit too far... And the worst part? We're just friends.


1. Once Again


The light seeped in through the frosted glass of the window. A cold harsh light baring witness to us. We just laid there, in the bare minimum of clothing. My underwear a little ruffled and my clothes slung over by the foot of the bed. 

Not again. 

I groaned as I came to my senses. Another night. My hair fell from the messy pony and waved by my face. I sat up and watched it follow me. Was it my fault this time or his? I hung my head back and sighed. Why? Why did I let this happen? I tugged my baggy shirt over my head and clung to its warmth. It was warm in Jesse's room. He always kept the heating on because he was always cold. I matched him in that sense. I watched as he slept soundly. His bare chest moving up and down slowly. I returned to his chest and traced the definitions of his body. He was definitely to die for. Everyone was dying to be his girlfriend. I nestled my face in the nook of his neck as he stirred at the cold touch of my pale fingers. Jesse was pale. Rather pale. As in, almost dead pale. He could pass for a vampire easily. In fact, last Halloween we needn't buy white face makeup he's pale enough to get away with it. I chuckled lightly as i recalled that late night event. Another night. We had many nights. 

"Why do you always wake up so early?" His rough morning voice was something I died to hear, it was the reason I thanked myself for being the first to wake, knowing I'd hear his voice before he had chance to come round. I smiled up at him weakly but felt it faltering. 

My best friend. 

My partner in crime.  

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