Just Friends

I'd done it again. Once more, we'd gone that little bit too far... And the worst part? We're just friends.


5. Life Support

"H-hurt me?" I stuttered, clutching my forearm as trembled on the bathroom floor. Jesse's soft smile before me. 

"I think I'll die my hair black again." I looked up into his deep eyes, of which his perfect smile hit. I began laughing, my cheeks hurting from the smile that spread over my lips. 

"Don't change the subject!" I retorted playfully. His cold hand rubbed over my smiling lips. 

"That's better... A beautiful smile." His smile weakened slightly and I shuffled a little closer to him, resting my head on his knee. I gripped to the skinny jeans he was wearing and silenced a heavy sob. "How could I be as stupid to hurt you?" He whispered into my matted hair. 

"I...I'm only your friend Jesse." I tightened my grip the words like knifes off my tongue. 

"I know! Don't you think I know that? But..." Jesse collapsd from his toes and sat on the floor, pulling my fragile body onto his lap.. 

"I fucking love you Rae!" I looked up at him, my smile lost, but the words cutting deep on my damadged heart. 

"L-love... me?" I stuttered, I couldn't grasp it. I was stupid. I was dumb. I was in love.

"Hell yeah! Girl... Why do you think we used to play king and queen when we were little? Play dress up and I'd make you my beautiful bride? All of primary, spent my lunchtimes sharing my dinner, feeling like a real man, buying you food. Why do you think, that everytime we hang out... I buy you everything, I take you everywhere... I do everything with you. And only you." I sat stunned. Childhood banter and actions... All seemed meaningless to me... But were everything to him.

"Jesse..." I scrambled in his lap, and wrapped my hands in his hair. 

"Yes?" He whispered against my lips, so close once again. 

"You should die your hair back black." I felt the smilt twitch over my features as he bit his lip through his own smile. 

"Very funny." He whispered. "I shall. Thankyou for the encouragement baby." He winked at me and as a protest fromed on my tongue, he kissed my lips and forced the words back into my throat. I couldn't resist kissing him back. It was pure instinct. Though it was riddled with guilt, it was still one of the best kisses I'd had... Jesse was the best. How could I deny that?

"Show me you love me." He panted against my ear and it seemed to corny, but at the moment in time, I thought nothing of it, and my lips traced down his jaw and down his neck, his hands tracing the curves of my waist as a little moan escaped his lying lips. I sent my arms around his neck and clung to him like he was my life support... But then... He was. 


((Sorry their short guys, I just realised I have homework! Eeek!!! BeyondLawliet))

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