Just Friends

I'd done it again. Once more, we'd gone that little bit too far... And the worst part? We're just friends.


3. I'm Not Your Baby


I groaned and allowed my eyes to open slightly, the light of a new morning hitting me. 

"Urgh." I grumbled, feeling the dryness in my voice. I licked my sore lips and ran a hand through my ever so slightly greasy hair. It fell roughly down by my shoulders. I sighed loudly and looked back at Jesse. He snored lightly on the bed, the covers kicked from our bodies, though cold the night had been, his school shirt crumpled and creased, undone somewhat, revealing parts of his perfect body. I bit down hard on my lip. How I could ever hate this guy was impossible, but still, he was supposed to be my best friend. I sat up and sighed again, feeling the weight of another day fall. Jesse mumbled something in his sleep and turned over, sliding his hand under the pillow as he turned onto his front. His messy blonde hair falling over his eyes again, though they were closed, covering the upper part of his face. I smiled at his simplistic beauty and shook his body. 

"Hey..?" I asked to the sleeping body. "Wakeywakey!" I said cheerily as he groaned at me and turned over still half asleep. Jesse rubbed at his jaw and sighed as he opened his tired eyes to look at me. 

"Oh...Hey..." He said in a gravely, sleepy voice. I bit my lip and tried not to collapse. A small smile leaked over his lips. 

"What?" I asked softly. Rubbing at my ruined makeup. 

"Oh.. Nothing." He huffed a laugh and smiled deeper. Jesse leaned a little closer to me and slipped a lazy hand around my waist line. "Another lovely morning." He whispered along my neck as his lips traced my jaw. 

"Stop Jesse!" I yelped slightly and escaped thanks to the lack of strength in his early morning limbs. I jumped up, using what energy I could muster to sort out a cleaner pair of school clothes and get cleaned up in general. As I excited the bathroom with the sting of minty freshness in my mouth, I walked in to Jesse changing his shirt. He knew I was watching and so purposely took pleasure in being slow and sexy in how he did so. He yawned and stretched, showing all the definitions of his thin body. I bit down on my lip again and protested a whisper of pain as I bled slightly. 

"Awh..." Jesse, still half asleep and half undressed came up to me and kissed the blood on my lip. 

"Are you a vampire now or something?" I muttered with a cheeky smile. 

"Oh hell yeah, get here peasant." He winked at me playfully and yanked me back to him as I began to walk away. 

"I'm not a peasant!" I protested as he wrapped his warm arms around me, pressing my back into his warm front. 

"Of course you are... Unless you wanna be my servant..." Jesse's voice tinted darkly. "Who does anything I want." He began laughing at the thought and I made a fake sick noise. 

"Pervert." I stated and smiled up at him as I snaked out of his grasp. 

"Don't you know it baby." I froze slightly as he finished. Baby. I'm not his baby. I don't go out with this guy... He's simply my best friend... I think. 

"Huh..." I said distantly as I waited for him to finish getting ready. 



I stepped into the elevator and cringed as it creaked under my weight. 

"Must we go to school?" Jesse asked me nonchalantly. I looked over at him with a rebellious glint in my eyes.

"Not really." I winked at him. 

"Mmm..." Jesse sent me a crooked smile and grasped my dangling hang, yanking me out of the horrid elevator, which had yet been set a destination, and unlocked the flat again. 

"Forget school, I'm just happy we miss that lift." I chuckled lightly as Jesse's smile darkened a little. What was he up to? 

"I'm just happy... I'm just happy I got a day with my servant. No groupies on my back, just you and me." He winked down and licked his lips. "How about we start by getting you out of that awful uniform." That dirty smile plastered over his features. I looked down hiding the slight smile I got from Jesse's dirty talk. 

"I'll just go into the bathroom then, wont be long." I winked at him and went to grab a change of clothes when he tackled me onto the bed. 

"Nuhuh! My job." I laughed though deeper meanings could be interpreted here. Jesse's wandering hands traced up my legs.

"Jesse." I said, a little bored. I felt my smile return and my 'wild side' spark as his hand slipped to my inner thigh. "Stop." I said unconvincingly. Smiling down at his lips. 


I laughed. Thank you message. Jesse sighed and leaned over to retrieve his phone. Me still situated in his lap. Jesse's face crossed with confusion, then lightened. 

"Who is it?" I smiled cheerfully. 

"Oh...No one. No one important." Jesse paused, then smiled back at me. "Now where were we?" His voice deepening with lust. I deepened my smile and pressed my aching lips to his, simply because i wanted to. Jesse's hands began their usual routine, being a little more flirty today. I clasped one of them as they began to venture too near to places I was too scared for him to touch. 

"Jesse..." I said in a dragged out whine. 

"What..?" He mimicked me awfully. I just laughed a little at his stupidity. "Give me a minute, I'm starving." Jesse never normally ate breakfast so this was different. I watched him head for the small kitchen. It was when he was out of sight that the burning itch to check who had text him hit me. I looked over at the phone as it vibrated again. I chewed on my inner cheek and snatched it, entering Jesse's passcode and tapping the message icon. I scrolled through the recents to get to the unread new message.

Haha, love you baby!<3

My heart stopped. I began scrolling through the other messages between the two like some stalker and my expression only hardened with pain. Why? I don't really know, I guess we're not the usual best friends are we? I nearly screamed as the same person began ringing the phone. I felt my mouth drop at the caller ID. I gulped my pain and managed to call to Jesse.


"Yeah?" He called, his voice getting louder as he came closer to the doorway. 

"Your Girlfriend's calling." 



((A/N: Sorry it's really short but it's really early and I don't actually know where I'm going with this... OOOH what a calamity for her;D haha, tell me what you think my lovelies! BeyondLawliet))

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