Just Friends

I'd done it again. Once more, we'd gone that little bit too far... And the worst part? We're just friends.


2. BestFriend



I checked my phone as I exited Jesse's flat. He followed me closely, adjusting his loose tie. He ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair and smiled down at me. I equalled his smile before texting Marie that we may be a little late. I received an angry face from my friend, to which I rolled my eyes and giggled. 

"What's so funny?" Jesse asked as he walked by my side, hands in his trouser pockets, chilled. Jesse was so calm and collected, he wasn't phased to any extent of our actions. Sometimes they haunted me...

"Oh nothing." I chuckled, keeping the happy face on. Jesse removed his left hand from his pocket to link his fingers with mine. I had stupidly allowed my right hand to hang by my side, leaving it an easy target for my best friend. He held on tightly, not allowing my fingers to leave his. Once again, I allowed a smile to grace my bitten lips. But I had to force it to remain there.


Jesse frowned at me as I wriggled my fingers from his grip, just as we entered the school grounds. I felt my phone jiggle in my pocket and found myself trying to pull the cell from my skin tight skinnies. Mahn they were tight. I finally got hold of it in a fluster and checked the message. Mom. 

Hope everythings fine sweetie!
Will be back sometime later in the month!

Love you! 
Mom and Dad 

I sighed and this time I smiled for real. Mom and Dad. They always went on business trips in various places and left me at home. Luckily I had Jesse. I think that's a good thing, I'm beginning to think it may be more of an annoyance. Jesse just laughed at my comical actions. I giggled, I couldn't help it. He may be a pain, but he's also perfectly adorable. I slipped the phone back into my pocket and holstered my back further on my shoulder. My smile real for Jesse now. He smiled down at me another time and I watched him sling me over his back. I was laughing louder than usual when Marie joined us in the busy front field. She rolled her eyes at us.

"Just get together already." She popped a bubble she'd been blowing with some strawberry gum. Her favourite, and banned in school. Marie knew our situation, but still she'd act like everyone else. 'Just get together'. Sometimes its harder than that. Jesse's smile weakened and I lost mine, we both ended up looking at the floor. At this moment in time, it was more interesting than the bubble blowing goth girl that I called my friend. 

"Yeah, well." Jesse coughed and dropped me. I straightened my creased top, and followed Marie to our first class, glancing back over my shoulder as I watched Jesse, hands in pockets leave for his class. 


"Honesty, why aren't you guys an item yet? It's frustrating especially seen as he's the most yummy boy at school." I sighed a weak laugh. 

"Shut up Marie." I said lightly as I watched the outside world live on, silently. All I could her was the rabble of the class and Marie's bugging. I returned to the class only to stare down the clock. 

Tick Tick 

Not too long now. 

"Look, all I'm saying, is just take the opportunity. The way you too hit it off, you must at least think of being a couple? Right?" Marie continued. "Oh! Look! It's snowing!" Marie's dark lined eyes lit up like a child's and sent every other pair of eyes in the room towards the windows. I turned to see the delicate flakes falling, and surprisingly, settling to a thin blanket of white icing. The bell sounded and the class fled the boring room to play in the snow. Who wouldn't? No matter how old, we all loose ourselves when snow is involved... Or bubble wrap for that matter. 

"Come on Marie!" I yelped and tugged the staring girl by her gloved hand. She began protesting, but I just laughed her off. Pulling her into the snow. I watched as yet more snow fell from the darkened clouds above. 

"Think it'll get deep?" A smooth voice made me jump as freezing cold, wet snow was sent down my top. I stiffened and awkwardly removed the cold weapon from my shirt. I bent down and quickly formed a snowball. Jesse was laughing at me. His hair falling just over his eyes. I ran at him a smug smirk on my face and forward piggy backed him. Sending the snowball into his face. A smile emerged from the snow, I wiped the remaining snow from his perfect face, only to have his lips pressed to mine. He slipped his arms around my body and pulled me to him. I pushed against his strength, releasing my lips from his hold. 

"Jesse!" I exclaimed, looking down at his chest. 

"What beautiful?" He chuckled as he slipped a hand up my top. My eyes widened and I gripped at his neck for support. 

"Stop! Jesse!" I whispered against his neck. 

"Nah." He smiled through the word. All I could do was sit in his arms and let him tease me. His hand was cold from the snow, and ventured up along my waist, tracing the curve of my back. I fell from his arms, bum first, into the snow at his feet, as I pushed away. 

"I mean it!" I called up to him. I stood up and wiped the melting snow from my butt. 

"Ooh really?" Jesse mocked, coming behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. I fell back into him, as a smirk spread across his lips. His hands slipped a little lower, and one was resting on my inner thigh. I pushed out of his arms and a little pissed, headed straight to my next lesson. Another long day.


I waited for him, though I really didn't want to outside the school gates. After continuing his cheeky mood into dinner and our shared lessons, Jesse had really gotten to me today. 

"Hello you!" He called cheerily to me as he sauntered over. I rolled my eyes and started walking. "Wait up!" He called, catching up to me easily. I made sure my hands were safely hidden away from Jesse's nosy fingers. "Mad at me again?" A cheeky half smile danced over his lips something I couldn't help but feel my lips twitching at. 

"No shit." I smiled uncontrollably. My cheeks aching already. 

"Oops." He shrugged over dramatically, causing me to giggle slightly. 



When we finally reached the flats, I found myself allowing my hand to dangle free. I wanted him to hold it now. I feel so two faced sometimes. Jesse didn't hesitate. He instantly took up my hand and pulled me up to his allocated floor. The elevator didn't work perfectly, and quite frankly, scared me. I always felt like getting trapped in the metal box. Jesse pulled me over to his room, though to be honest, it could really be called 'our' room. He unlocked it with a flick of his wrist and shut the door behind us. Something told me Jesse was wanting something. Now, by something, I don't initially mean sex.... Exactly, in fact, I'd never gone that far....Jesse just liked to push it the farthest he can. I dumped my bag and went into the bedroom. A natural movement for me. I collapsed onto the bed deciding whether to be all cute and happy with the perfect best friend, or hate him. Not that I could ever hate someone like Jesse, but just... Not give him the satisfaction of what he wants. Jesse stood in the doorway looking at me. 

"What?" I asked, half propped up by my elbows. 

"Just you." 

"Cheesy?" I giggled lightly as he joined me on the bed. 

"Maybe just a little." He looked over at me with his beautiful eyes. Everyone was envious of me, and here I was, not allowing him what he deserved. I rolled on top of him and his hands instantly took their places, one on my waist under my top, the other rubbing my thigh. My lips grazed over his, teasing him slightly. Jesse pulled my body down, fitting me to him like a jigsaw, forcing my lips to press hard against his. My hands wound into his hair as he deepened the kiss, parting my lips and causing me to moan slightly. He knew how to pleasure. Jesse flipped me over, so he was on top of me, his hands snaking further up my body. He stood up, pulling me with him. His hands cupping my butt and holding me higher than him. I tilted my lips down to keep them from leaving his. I broke apart and rested against his neck. 

"Jesse." I mumbled a little breathless. 

"Yes?" He replied, his state similar to mine. I felt the prickling tear leave my eye. 

"Your my best friend..." I whimpered, not sure what to do. 

"I love you too." He whispered before falling to the bed with me again.

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