The best day of my life

This fan fiction is for the Movellas 1SHOT41D contest. Thanks for reading (if you have read it). Please leave a comment or like the story, I'd really apreciate. Normally, I speak french. I'm sorry for the errors. I am a big fan of One Direction, and winning this contest will be totally amazing ! Spending a day with them, oh my god ... I think I'm seriously going to die on the flight ! xd The story is a bit about the Valentine's Day, of course it's about love, but there's a part that may be surprising you. Well, read, enjoy, like and comment ! :D I love you guys, thank you so much<3


1. I will always remember

I was sitting on the window border, looking outside and checking if everything was okay. I was wondered, I wanted this day to be perfect, amazing, unforgettable. The preparation of the day was going well: the food, the stage, the decorations, everything was there. People we're filling the place. I wasn't totally ready, I needed to put on a bit more makeup. I flipped around and walked trough the room. I sat down on my chair, in front of my big desk. I took some light brown eye shadow, putting it on. And then, by the reflection of my mirror, I saw him.

-20 years ago-

After these news, I ran into my room. I couldn't stop crying and screaming. I was, I don't know. Any words could describe this feeling. I jumped on the bed, still crying, and dialed a number that I knowed by heart. I heard a voice answered my call, my best friend's voice. ''Dakota! You won't believe me!'' ''What is it this time, you found a lucky penny in your pocket?'' ''No, it's a lot better than this! I wrote a story on Movellas for a contest. And believe it or not, I won!'' ''And what was the contest exactly?'' ''It's a contest to win two tickets for a private jet ride.'' ''Oh, it's cool. But what would you do with them?'' ''Well, I'll invite a person that is really important to me. The flight is at Valentine's Day. But there's going to be two other people with us (yes, it's you the special person) on the flight. I hope you're not disappointed ...'' ''No, it's going to be a lot of fun!'' ''Especially if the two other people is Harry and Liam from One Direction!'' ''OH MY GOD! NO WAY! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! THANK YOU, YOU'RE THE BEST!'' ''It's okay. Valentine's Day is in two days. Prepare yourself for the big day. I got to go, love you!'' ''I love you too.'' I was so happy that she loved my gift! I can't wait to meet them, even if I'm not a big fan. Obviously, Dakota was a big fan. But me, Madie Parkinson, was just a normal girl from a small town in Canada. I didn't know that a girl like me could win this kind of contest. I went in the kitchen, made myself a peanut butter sandwich. I ate it in front of the TV. There was a documentary about the contest that I won, and it was pretty funny because they didn't spell my name correctly. It felt like they we're talking about an other girl, it couldn't be me. And then I saw my picture popping on the screen. I wasn't dreaming, I was the real winner of the Valentine's Day contest. I walked in my washroom, brushed my teeth, made myself a bun and remove the bit of makeup that was on my face. I put some cream on my dry hands. I choose a pajama, the one with rabbits and frogs on it. I turned on my radio, put the volume at 2. I was finally ready to sleep. The two other days passed slowly, but today was the big day. I heard my doorbell ring, so I made my way down the stairs and opened the door to see Dakota. She was standing there, smiling and looking at me with her brown eyes. She seemed pretty happy, like a little six years old girl. She made me a hug, and we both climbed the stairs. Dakota took off her coat and trowed it on my green bed. She was gorgeous, as usual. Her long blond hair we're in a ponytail, and a braid was making a kind of crown. She was wearing a floral print blouse, normal jeans and loafers. She had put on our best friend necklace, and I did it too. Dakota, my personal stylist, helped me to choose my clothes. We opt for a white woolen shirt, green jeans and black Ugg's. I curled my brown hair and apply a bit of makeup on my turquoise eyes. We we're ready to go! I took a camera, putting it in my big black bag. We took a taxi. When we arrived, Dakota and I ran all the way trough our flight. We had to hurry up, because we we're late! We entered the jet, breathless from the running. And then we sat down on the red bench. The jet was luxurious. I'm so dumb, of course it was! Two One Direction members are going to be in this jet! I heard Dakota scream. They we're there! She asked me if her hair we're fixed. ''Yes, Dakota. Be yourself, you're the prettiest girl in the world. They'll like you!'' ''Thanks, they'll like you too.'' Liam and Harry walked in, smiled at us and opened their arms, asking for a hug. We accepted. They sat down, in front of us. We started to talk about us, school, friends, activities ... We just talked about anything and everything. I discovered two boys that we're not exactly the same as I was expecting. They we're just normal guys that became famous because of their talents. They had dreams, as we do. At about two 'o' clock, the boys began to sing on of their songs. Little Things, I think. It was much better that what we hear at the radio! I couldn't believe my ears. They we're really gods! Liam asked us if we had dreams. Dakota said that she would love to be a professional hip hop dancer. He proposed to her if she would like to do a part in one of their show. She accepted, tears falling down her extraordinary eyes. Harry sat down next to me and whispered in my left ear: ''What is your dream?'' I smiled, took his hand and walked in the back of the jet, leaving Dakota and Liam alone. I noticed that Liam was always looking at Dakota. I think that he like her. ''What do you want to show me, love?'', Harry asked me. ''Turn around and close your eyes.'', I said. He seemed pretty confused, but he made it. I began to sing, I wanted him to hear my way of expression. Nobody have ever heard me sing, so I didn't know why I was singing this to him. I choose The A Team, from Ed Sheeran. St the end of the song, I heard loud applause from the front of the jet. Liam and Dakota have heard my song, and the appreciate it! I laughed. Harry turned around, tears in his eyes threatened to fall down. He was speechless. He made two or three steps. Our faces we're so close. I could see all the details of his face. He was so gorgeous, it hurts. He put his strong hands on my hips, pulling me closer to him. I put my hands around his neck, playing with a strand of his curly hair. He whispered in my ear the lyrics of Irresistible. I looked in his eyes, biting my lips. And then, he kissed me. This day was officially perfect. It was what we can call a love at first sight. I loved him so much. Every part of him was perfect, irresistible...

-Back in 2013-

He looked at me and smiled. ''You're gorgeous love. Are you ready? Everybody is waiting for you.'' ''Yes, I am coming.'' I made my way down the stairs, my heart was beating really fast. I heard the music. I had to go. I walked all the way trough the stage. I couldn't stop looking at him. I was shaking, I was afraid. I don't wanted to fall, but my knees couldn't stop moving! My dress was floating behind me. Everybody was looking at me, I was the princess of the day. But a question was tattooed in my mind. How could something amazing like that could happen to me? I'm just Madie Parkinson, a normal girl from a small town in Canada. I looked at the audience. I saw Dakota, she seemed happy. My parents we're there too, with the rest of my family and friends. And then, the ceremony started. I was in paradise. This is officially the new best day of my life, because I am glad to call myself Mrs. Styles.

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