My mother

Evangeline has always admired her Mother. But her Mother is growing older and older, and becoming more useless. Eva's dad is off to fight in the horrible battle of WW2 - in the navy. When disaster strikes, will Evangeline be able to look after her two younger twin sisters, Rosalind and Marie, who are twelve, and keep an eye on her older brother Jasper who's sixteen?

Find out more inside...


3. "Wait, not until our wedding night!"


We finally arrived down his street and then I saw it. I looked in awe at his giant cottage. Ivy scattered up the walls and emerald apples were growing on bushy trees. The bright grass swayed in time with the orange autumn leaves that flew around the ground and pots of multi coloured flowers rested on the window sills of each window visible on this side of the house.  Gobsmacked, my mouth swung open as I stared jealously at his house.

“Do you like it?” he enquired nervously, licking his chapped lips and twiddling with his knitted scarf that was wrapped limply around his neck.

I just nodded. I was absolutely speechless for words- a first for me.

“You’re rich!” I exclaimed, jumping on the spot.

“Well... I wouldn’t say that, chap. More...wealthy.” Seth’s Father, Roy, corrected me, appearing from within the phenomenal building that stood before us.

He looked very smart, and a lot like Seth. Thank god he had a full head of luscious brunette hair, now I know my husband and my son (if I have one) won’t turn bald the day they turn twenty. That, was a relief.

“Do you want to come in, chap? For a cup of tea? A biscuit?” His Father asked patronisingly, talking to me as if I was a five year old.

I stammered, I didn’t know if I had to be back now or later. If only there was some sort of electronic device that could get in touch with someone far away within seconds... then I remembered!

“Oh, may I possibly call my Mother to see if I can stay? Do you have a telephone?”  

“We do indeed. Come through here,” Florencia lead me through the wooden door inside.

Florencia was Seth’s other Aunt. He didn’t have a mother; he said she died the day he was born. I’d rather that then get to know my mother then she die, wouldn’t you?

I dialled the number quickly, pushing the thought of death out of my mind, and held the receiving end to my ear.

“Hello?” I heard a shrill voice meet me.

“Who is this? This is Evangeline Thomas, I was wondering if I could possibly stay round Seth’s house for a cup of tea?” I said loudly, saying each word slowly so whoever had picked up the telephone could hear me.

“This is Marie, Eva, and- ooh stop it Isaac! Stop kissing me!  Don’t tickle me! “Marie shrieked with laughter for about a minute then she carried on, “Sorry about that, err... Mam says you can stay, but she said absolutely no....”

The line went dead. I could feel sweat trickle down my forehead.

What did she say no too?

Was it to staying out later than seven?

 It was already six thirty so it wouldn’t give me much time to socialize, would it now?

Calling our house again, I waited for someone to pick up, but no reply!

“Is everything okay?” Seth asked romantically, his voice as smooth as honey, coming in from outside and he placed his hands on my hips.

There was music playing and we swayed in time to it, sending Goosebumps up my body.

“There is no-one around, they’ve all gone out on a walk, so were all ... alone.” He winked, not that I could see it because his face was pressed against the back of head but I felt his long eyelash tickle the back of my neck.

“That’s for us to find out on our wedding night!”

Before I could say another word, he spun me around and lit a candle on the table next to the couch. He sat on the sofa and beckoned me to do so too.

I was a little nervous about doing this and still worried about the people at home but I sent my mind into ‘Seth world’ and perched next to him on the settee.

Suddenly, we were kissing, slowly, gently, and then it because more vigorous, quicker. He didn’t put his hands in the wrong place like other boys; he didn’t go too far without my permission, either. And I respected that about him.

I was laying on him now, one of my legs one side and the other one the opposite side. We did all this moving without breaking lips, quite skilful, I think. I pulled away and stopped.

“I must dash,” I lied” my Mother needs help at home!”

I ran out the room before he could say another word.

I’d never felt so... guilty.


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