Without you

Ally has to move to England for the summer but she doesn't want to be there, until she finds out Harry Niall Zayn Liam and Louis live in the house right next to hers! what will happen when the summer is over and she has to go back to New Jersey?


2. On the plane

I was so mad I had to be away from Rebecca the WHOLE summer what could be worse? I thought as my phone began vibrating "hello?" I say, no response "HELLO?!?" I yell into the phone soon being told to quiet down by the flight attendant. Still no response..... I was about to hang up when I heard "Ally darling" coming the the speakers of my phone. It was her! I'd recognize that voice anywhere what should I do should I hang up? Do I figure out her purpose of calling? How did she even get my number!?!?! All these thoughts were going through my head when I heard "told you I'd find you" she then hung up. With that I began to silently cry knowing she was getting closer and closer to me. Luckily I wouldn't be in my house this summer.She would never find me here! For god sake I'm in England, it still made me nervous though. Why is my life so horrible, I mean why can't my life be as easy as Rebecca's. Her family was rich, all she had to do was ask for something and poof there it was right in front of her face. My family was the opposite of that. That's part of the reason mom walked out, just a part, the other reason I didn't even dare to think about. Now every time I meet someone new its always "what happened to your hand?" Why couldn't she have just walked out?
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