Without you

Ally has to move to England for the summer but she doesn't want to be there, until she finds out Harry Niall Zayn Liam and Louis live in the house right next to hers! what will happen when the summer is over and she has to go back to New Jersey?


1. Packing for England

Ally's POV
Uhhhh dad! Why do we have to go to England I want to stay here!!! "Because I have family in England" he said
Great I thought now people in England get to see my scar too! Just thinking about it makes me want to burst out crying.
She's in jail now, I thought, I'm perfectly safe.
"Hurry up and pack your clothes our taxi will be here in five minutes!!"
Why didn't you tell me earlier!!! I yelled, I haven't even stared packing!!!
"Oh I don't know maybe because you we're up in your room with 2 suitcases on your bed when i walked by!!" Ugh my dad is so stupid! I thought as I threw random clothes in my suitcase so I didn't miss the taxi "taxis here!" He yells. ill be down in a minute I say trying to close the 2 fully loaded suitcases then I grab my phone and head down the stairs "ready?" He asks. For the worst summer ever? Umm ya looks like it. I say "don't be like that Ally you may have fun" ya uh huh it's going to be the best summer ever!!! I say with sarcasm
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