Pain is Insanity

Rae is insane or so it seems. In an asylum she explains to a boy she has just met, her story. Why she is there - romance, betrayal, murder, insanity. This is not a love story. It's a story of madness.


5. Pain

My story finished, I look up at Something. A single tear leaks from his eye and he makes no attempt to hide it. He mouths something,
"I'm so so sorry."
"It's ok. They do say redheads are insane. I don't exactly disprove that theory, do I?" I brush my hair back and look into his eyes. They are full of terror.
"Please forgive me!" He says, his voice cracking.
"Why? What did you do?"
"My name is Ben. I... they sent me to make you admit you are not you can't escape a jail sentence. I'm sorry, I..."
"So all you said was a lie.. the fires, the way you see the world?"
"No. All of that is true, but they said I could go back to my family if I...befriended you. I.." The door behind me slides open and men in white suits storm in, grabbing me.
"RAE!!" Ben bangs on the glass and yells frantically as men from his side burst in and pull him away. He is struggling but I know resistance is futile; he is just a boy. As I am dragged away, I mouth three words to him:
"I forgive you." and he closes his eyes and lets himself be taken away, defeated.

I am sitting in a van now. It  is metal with bars on the windows. I was right to distrust; everything I ever had was a lie. The one friend I had was a lie, he betrayed me so he could be with his family; an everyday judas. No man can be trusted. They are all snakes. I no longer like snakes. This boy was special... Ben was special... but he was no different than any other man who has been in my life - a disappoinment.

I stare out of the window at the emptiness and know that I shall never feel happiness or joy, or love. Just sadness and resentment, betrayal and disillusion. After two years of feeling nothing at all, this hurt seeps through.
That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.

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