Pain is Insanity

Rae is insane or so it seems. In an asylum she explains to a boy she has just met, her story. Why she is there - romance, betrayal, murder, insanity. This is not a love story. It's a story of madness.


1. It starts with a smile

I look to the left of me, my vision still blurry. I observe my surroundings, unfamiliar and quiet. The walls are, to my dismay, quite white as are the ceilings and floors. I begin to assume that I am in fact, in some kind of nut house - having just escaped from one two years ago, I can only being to assure myself that I am correct. However this one is considerably bigger and far tidier. None of my belongings are here yet that doesn't really matter as I only ever kept two things by my side at all time: a glass head pin which is tucked in my pocket and an empty locket around my neck with no meaning at all. I bought it when I was seven in a market place somewhere in London. I prop myself up and look down at my hair which is now down to my waist. It is back to its original bright red hue. They say that red heads are mad, I guess I don't exactly disprove that theory. Although my loss of sanity isn't my fault - nothing rarely isn't my fault - however in this case the prize goes to a person of male gender. Three persons in fact, all brothers. I look to my left; I am not alone it appears. A boy is sitting on a bed opposite me. Of course we are not in the same room; there is a glass wall between us. He is staring at me calmly just watching. I turn to face him properly and introduce myself - it is the only polite thing to do.

"As you are staring at me - which is considerably rude if you don't know me - I may as well tell you who I am however feel free not to talk to me, as many people don't. My name is Rae. Just Rae."

The boy, I can see is not just a boy. Most likely sixteen or seventeen like me and unfortuantly hansome. I do not like boys who are attractive; they are like snakes - however I do like snakes. I remember having one when I was ten. It ate our rabbit and my mum had it sent somewhere far away. She most likely killed it.
The boy does not look like a snake. He has sandy hair and tanned, olive skin, chiselled cheek bones and blue eyes. The most strange combination I have ever seen.
He looks at me. "You have very green eyes." He says.
"You look like a native american." Which as I said, I realised sounded quite rude. He laughs and tells me that his grandfather was infact native american. He smiles at me. I think I like this boy.

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