I will always be here, by your side.

Claim the ring,
open the gate,
down the path,
seal your fate.


1. First

Clarissa's POV


Claim the ring,

open the gate,

down the path,

seal your fate,


I woke up. I was sweating. Sliding out of bed, I started to take off my pajamas, but heard a voice. It was smooth, and somewhat calming.

"Ha ha, Princess! Might wanna look around eh?" I looked behind me, and saw a man with long silver hair smiling at me. No, not a man, a boy my age, sixteen. "I'm Marc." He said holding out his hand.

"Hang on a minute mate, I need to get something." I said as I walked into my en-suite. I grabbed a small knife I had in my drawer, put it on the edge of the basin, and walked out again. "Wait, you don't mind if I get dressed do you?" I asked, looking down at my feet.

"Not at all, maybe I should have come here without freaking you out." He laughed. He had silver hair, and green eyes. He was hot, but I decided not to think about that now. I got changed in the en-suite quickly, braiding my red hair and slipping in my clear contacts. I applied my make-up and left the room, the knife hiding in my pocket. My parents were rich, but they were never at home so I lived by myself. I had hidden weapons in every hiding place I could, just in case, and I knew how to use them too.

"So you're Marc?" I asked looking into his eyes. I knew what he was. "What do you want?" I stated, making it clear I didn't want him to lie. He smiled.

"Well... I'm asking for your hand?" he said, beconing me to come closer. I stared at him confused, then I realized. Angel-Hunter and a Death God, Nice. A scar ran across his face, but instead of it detracting from how he looked, it actually made him look better. "Yea, you wouldn't want to see me topless!" he laughed as he took my hand. A small pen appeared and he started writing on my hand. It looked like a small pem, and I strained my neck to look at it.


You can't leave,

you can't escape,

forever mine,

it's you i must take.


I looked at the writing in surprise. No Way. Claimed already.. and by someone my own age. The claiming was basically like having an arranged marriage, but the guys got to choose who they married. At least mine was hot. My friend Felicity had been claimed by an ugly man, his  feature horrible, and he was really fat too. But even then, she was eighteen at the time. I touched Marc's face, as was custom after a claiming, and felt his skin. Thank god. not a mask. I looked at my claimer, smiling. I was happy with this guy.

"So watcha wanna do?" he asked me shyly, and I looked shocked.

"Maybe we could go somewhere?" I suggested, and he nodded

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