Love is everything right now. *SEQUEL TO SKINNY LOVE! PLEASE READ THAT FIRST :)*

Read Skinny Love first...that's all I have to say lovelys. xxx :)


1. Today is the day.

Zayn's P.O.V


Today was Niall and Crystal's wedding. Everyone was so excited, even I got a bit emotional. Everyone look amazing. I have to say though, the girls looked the best ( they were bridesmaids). Niall looked amazing. Oh, and the two little ones they looked gorgeous. In 2 weeks, it was Alex and Louis's wedding. 2 weddings in 2 weeks, huh! 

It took Me, Louis, Liam and Harry, about 2 hours the get to the actual venue. The venue was amazing,a big outdoor garden, very modern if you ask me. White chairs, I knew that the 2 girls had gone with Crystal, because they were bridesmaids. 

Us 4 boys all took our seats right at the front. Niall was waiting nervously in the area that they were getting married in. For some reason, I felt proud of Niall. 

"I knew Crystal was right for Niall, because he was sharing his food with her." Louis laughed. 

We waited in our seats for about 20 minutes, Niall had his brother as his best man. Finally, Alex and Jade came out, dressed in long black strapless dresses, even though it was a white wedding. Alex was carrying Matt in one arm, and flowers in her other hand. The black dresses worked really well with the whole white wedding thing. 

Then it was the moment we've waited for. Niall had a few tears coming from his eyes when he saw Crystal and her Dad. 

Crystal walked down the aisle in a long white, strapless wedding dress, she had her hair done and makeup. She looked the best!

Finally, the man that was talking about the wedding stopped. They both said 'I do'.

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