If Happy Ever Afters Did Exist...

Short Fanfic about Harry and Emilie and how they struggle to keep custody of baby James...
**warning** its a little mature...


1. Homecoming

She took hold of the back of his neck and pulled him close, locking her lips with his. Harry gripped her waist bringing her body closer to his, “Haz…” she breathed as he moved his hands under her shorts, slipping them off. Emily held onto the kiss while she unbuttoned his red checked shirt, taking her time, she could feel his warm breath quickening and his body heating up.

He moved his lips down her jawline, nibbling on the skin gently. “Jump Em.” He whispered. She jumped up and he placed both his hands under her bum. Harry moved his mouth back to hers and proceeded up the staircase of the apartment. He reached the bedroom door and kicked it open wandering over to the bed, launching her from his hips onto the bed. “Harry!” she giggled as she landed.

He smirked and climbed over her, pushing at her shoulder until she was flat against the duvet. Emily started breathing heavily as Harry’s mouth moved down her neck, sucking and nibbling. He reached her collarbone, tracing it with the tip of his tongue. “urrh…tease!” she moaned.

He chuckled cheekily, and then carried on kissing her down her bare chest. He pulled down the elastic of her thong, now gradually moving his lips down her inner thighs. Emily clenched the sheets in her fists, curling her toes as she felt his tongue slide inside her. Harry moved it around in slow circles, sending waves of pleasure through every inch of her body. She could feel herself about to release then Harry removed his tongue. “What? But…Haz?” she whined slightly out of breath.

Harry bit down on his lip in an attempt not to smile before pressing down hard on her lips. “Are you sure babe?” he said looking into her eyes.

Emily nodded, smiling, she wanted this, wanted him. “I'm completely sure.” She whispered. With her permission Harry took her hip in his large hand and moved her lower body so it was grinding against his. Harry entered himself slowly, moving in and out. “Mmmhmm Harry…” she whispered against his neck. His curls brushed her cheeks as his kisses grew wilder on her neck, just like his thrusts were becoming faster. Emily squirmed a little under his grip, allowing him to enter his full length. Harry’s thrusts grew incredibly fast, creating explosions inside of her body. “I love you so much Harry.” She whispered into his ear, digging her nails into his shoulders.

He nibbled on her collar bone once again, grunting as he went faster. “I love you more Em.” He rested his forehead on her shoulder as he felt himself about to climax. Emily tilted her head and arched her back as she too released, letting a scream tare from her lips. “HARRYYYYY”

Harry’s heated body pressed down against Emily’s, both of them heaving out of breath. “I meant it you know, all of it of what I said before.” His green eyes beaming into hers. “I know you’re not the type of girl to just forgive me, you’re gonna make me work for it, I know that Em. But this, what I have with you means a whole lot more to me than a one night stand with a fangirl.” He kissed her cheek.

Emily could feel the tears filling in her eyes; she brushed a curl to one side and let her hand rest on his cheek. “Your right, I'm not just going to forgive you. What you just did to me let’s just say that was only part of your apology. I love you Harry, I do and that will never change, but I need you to realise how close I was to letting it all go.” She lowered his head to hers and let her lips press onto his. Emily gave him access to enter his tongue and he did so, playing around with hers, kissing her like he always did. As Harry kissed her, she could feel he was truly sorry, “Everything about you, forever!” he whispered in-between breaths.


4months later…

“Hey Selena, how are you sweetie?” Emily said as Selena climbed into the passenger side of Harry’s Audi.

“Em, I need to ask something?” she looked at Emily confused. Emily nodded, “Why did you and Harry adopt me?” Emily giggled into the steering wheel, “What's so funny?”

“It wasn’t really adoption as such, just a few forms.” She looked her in the eyes. “Babe, we only adopted you so you could stay here with us, legally, your parents could have easily taken you back. We love you too much to let you go back to the US. And besides, I can’t handle Liam mopping around like a lost puppy because he misses you.”

“Really?” Emily nodded again, watching the smile appearing on Selena’s face, “So like…Harry’s my dad?” she giggled, realising how funny that sounded.

“You could say that, yes.”

“Ha-ha, that’s so random.” She twiddled with her thumbs, “How was your day…mum?”

“Stop it!” Emily laughed, slapping Selena’s shoulder lightly. “It was good thanks.” She started the car and headed back to the apartment. The boys were on tour and the girls had the place to themselves again. Selena took her bag and went up to the front door, unlocking it with the spare key she had hidden under the mat because she was forever forgetting it in her locker at school. “So what do you say we go for a walk later?” Emily shouted up from the drive.

Selena nodded then pushed open the door. she shoved against it, peeping through the small opening to see what was wedging it closed. Letters, lots of letters that fans had posted through the door. “Erm Em, I think we will have to use the back door.” she said, informing her they had mail.

Selena skipped down the front stairs and took Emily’s waist, “uumm.” She said looking at her stomach.

“What's up Sel?”

“Just face me quickly.” She lifted Emily’s jacket, “Em, is there something you aren’t telling me?” she said shifting her gaze from Emily’s face back to her stomach.

“No why?” she wriggled out of Selena’s grip and pulled her jacket closed carrying on inside the house. She placed her bag on the kitchen counter and wandered into her room, shutting the door behind her. She rummaged through the drawer and found what she was looking for. She quickly slipped into the bathroom and locked the door.

“Em, seriously now! What's wrong?” Selena banged on the door.

Emily pressed her back flat against the door and slid down it, collapsing into a small sob. She opened the box and took out the pregnancy test, holding it in front of her face, while she read the instructions on the box. Emily sucked in a deep breath and shimmied out of her sweats and did what she had to do with the test. She placed it on the counters, flushing the toilet and washing her hands, and then she just stared down at it, waiting for the bars to show.

“Emily seriously! I will phone Harry!” Emily lifted her gaze and yanked open the door. “Em?” Selena whispered as she stared at the blonde haired, red eyed girl in the doorway.

“I'm…I'm…pregnant.” She finally said in a sigh.

Selena stared at her wide eyed, before gently cupping her face in her hands, “Seriously?”

Emily nodded in her grasp motioning Selena towards the test lying on the counter, which was now showing two little blue bars, positive. “I'm at least four months, so I can’t abort it. Selena Harry’s gonna…”

“Bullshit! Harry’s gonna be so excited, he loves you Em and he will love this baby and care for it. You can trust me, I know he is how he is but the way he looks at you, holds you, touches you. You are his one and only Em.” She lifted Emily’s face up so she was looking into her eyes, “everything will be fine!”

“You think?”

“I know! Now come on, lets get you rested. No walk for you, just sitting in front of the tele, and I think…The Lucky One is a good film for us to watch tonight.” She said smiling hugely into Emily’s eyes.

Emily pulled Selena close to her, “I love you.” She whispered, squeezing tightly.

“I love you more!” She replied.

“I'm not going to win this am I?!”

“Nope, not one bit! And don’t even try and use the I'm pregnant excuse, because it won’t work.” She grinned cheekily up at her.


Emily’s phone rung inside her jacket pocket and she hurried pulling it out so she wouldn’t wake Selena, who was fast asleep next to her on the sofa. She pulled it out and saw a familiar face on the Caller ID, “Hey babe.” She whispered, keeping her eye on her sleeping girl.

“Hey sweetie, why are you whispering?”

“Selena is sleeping next to me, don’t wanna wake her.” She breathed, looking back up to the television.

“Oh how cute! So what you doing?” Harry asked in his usual deep accent.

“Erm...nothing really, just watching a movie, chilling.” She laughed nervously while rubbing her stomach, not quite sure whether to tell him or leave it for when he comes home next week. “What about you boys? How are they?”

“We’re just going to look around I guess, California is pretty cool, not the same without you though.”

“Don’t get all soppy on me, I miss you!” she sighed.

“Anyway, it must be late there? You should go to bed love.” He hummed into the phone, “and Em…”


“I love you.” He said huskily before putting the phone down.


“Em come on we’re going to miss them!” Selena shouted from the kitchen.

“I'm coming, just give me a second.” She screamed back, and then turned back to the mirror. She sucked in a deep breath and looked at herself; she was wearing a pair of sweats with Ugg boots and one of Harry’s Ramones t-shirts with one of his beanies. She stroked her stomach and turned sideways. I hope everything goes well little one, she thought. Emily grabbed her handbag and followed Selena to the car.

The whole drive she stared down at Emily’s stomach with a huge smile on her face, “And now?” Emily said, trying to read her face.

“Just really happy Em, I can’t wait to see his face.”

Emily focused back on the road in front of her, beginning to worry about how Harry was going to react to her news. She let out a sigh as she pulled into the car park. “Lets go.” She whispered taking hold of Selena’s hand.

She pulled Emily back, just before they walked in, “Em everything is going to be fine! Stop worrying!” she smiled up at her.

“Come on you! Lets go see your daddy.” She winked.

“Oh god now its you…”

Emily and Selena wandered into the busy airport, looking frantically for Terminal 68. “Slow down, we have time.” Selena laughed, holding tightly onto Emily’s arm.

“Oooo this way!” they said together, gazing widely up at the sign labelled: Terminal 33-70.

Selena let Emily’s arm drop, “LiLi!” she cried, running into his arms. Her hair flew up in the air as Liam spun her around. “I missed you babe!” he grinned down at her before setting her back onto her feet.

“Oh Liam.” She said, letting a tears fall from her eye, rolling down her cheeks as he moved his mouth closer. Liam pressed his lips upon Selena’s moving it slowly, taking in the longing kiss he had missed touching for the past 3 months.

Niall and Zayn hugged Emily, Zayn being the one to notice the bulge on her stomach. She looked up at him, begging him not to say anything, instead he just nodded. “Thank you.” She mouthed.

“Loubear!” she said as she felt his arms fold over her shoulders.

“How’s my baby sister…” he joked, kissing her cheek before spinning her around into a warm bear hug.

“I'm good Lou.” She wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest.

“Babe…” Emily’s head shot up when she heard his voice, it was like a chime ringing in her ears, she had missed the sound of it deeply.

“Harry.” She could feel the tears already streaming down her cheeks. Louis let go of her and she walked over to the boy, dressed in his dark jeans and woolly jumper. “I missed you so much Harry.” She sobbed happily as he reached for her hands. Her hands fit perfectly into his, just like they always had, she missed it, the feeling of her hand being lost in his, where it belonged. Emily pressed up on her tiptoes and her lips collided with his. Both of Harry’s hand reached up and held her face, bring it closer to his, he pulled away, “I have to tell you something.” She whispered as he pecked her cheek.

He looked at her slightly confused but followed her to an open room. “Sit down Haz.” She gestured before closing the door. Emily sighed heavily then faced him. “Harry…I'm…” she placed both her hands on the sides of her stomach, something he hadn’t yet noticed had grown in size. “I'm…your going to be a dad Harold.”

Harry stood up, eyes widened and a cheeky smile growing from ear to ear along his face, forming the perfect smile. He swallowed hard and placed his hands on hers, looking down at the now visible bump. “I'm going to be a dad?” he breathed, looking into her eyes for confirmation.


Harry lowered his lips, letting them rest just before her. “I love you so much.” With that he locked his lips together with her, still holding onto her hands that were placed upon her stomach.

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