He watched her die, he searched for her till he found her again, and then the cycle repeated itself.
Jackson has watched the girl he loves die over and over again for the last four thousand years, every time he has been helpless, unable to save her. Now he can save her, but so can someone else. Cameron, Jackson's rival fights for the chance to be with the girl Jackson loves. The choice is hers but this time something has changed, her choice could prove to be the most vital one she has ever made


1. This is not goodbye (prolong)

I ran, faster and faster until everything blurred around me, the trees were just wavy shapes. I could feel her, she was here somewhere. I was too late, I could feel her life force slipping away once again since we were both cursed four thousand years ago. Still I refused to slow down, I ran as though there was still time to save my love. A scream pierced the silence of the night, it made me run even faster even though that didn't seem possible. When I found the origin of the scream my heart broke, in the middle of a clearing in the trees lied my love. Blood trickled from her nose, I knew what would come next and I knew I couldn't stop it. Instead of breaking down, instead of letting my tears escape I ran to my love and locked her in an embrace that seemed so familiar. It wasn't enough to stop her fate but at least she wouldn't die alone, I had promised myself years ago that she would never be alone. 

"Jackson, it hurts." She whimpered as I lowered us onto the ground, careful to keep her head on my lap. Her obvious pain made me want to shout with rage.

"I know baby, don't worry I'm here, it will be over soon." Much too soon. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, this wasn't how her life was supposed to be. A single tear slid down her pale face, she took in a sharp breath and she visibly shivered in pain. Inside I was screaming with frustration, I knew I could save her from this pain and yet I was so selfish that I didn't want to lose her yet. After a moment I came to a decision, I couldn't let her suffer like this, but she needed to know something first. "Listen to me my love, no matter where you go I will find you, no matter who you become I will always love you. This is not goodbye Mina, this is not goodbye..." Then he sealed her fate, with a kiss.

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