One Shot One Direction Valentine's Day


1. Valentine's Day

Erica's Point Of View

It was Valentine's Day, about seven at night and I was at home watching sappy soap oprahs. Zayn - yes, Zayn Malik from One Direction- and I had been dating for a while now, but we had a fight like three days ago about him thinking that I was cheating on him. I was fed up with all this jealously inside him. So I decided to break it off... like I did everytime we had a fight. I think that this was our fifteenth, no sixteenth break up so far. But he ends up saying sorry and doing something romantic and I end up back in his arms. The soap was getting good right when there was a commercial break. Typical. I thought as I rolled my eyes. What a perfect night! Valentine's Day and I'm all alone! How nice! I thought sarcasticly. I popped the popcorn in the microwave and ran to my bedroom to change into some pjs. The microwave dinged and I ran into the small kitchen in my apartment. I heard a familiar tune start softly. I thought it was the neighbors having a party or something but then I heard the voice and it sounded real, almost live. I ran to my bedroom and looked out the window into the small alley and I saw a tall boy with hot quiff with a blonde streak running throught it. Zayn. He was standing in the alley with his iPhone connected to a speaker so that I could hear the music. He began singing Na Na Na becasue it related to our relationship. I opened the window to hear more clearly. I sighed happily and he soon finished the song. He held up poster, it read:

I'm Sorry, Will You Take Me Back?

"Will you?" He asked while yelling

I started to tear up and nodded my head. "Yes. Come on up."

He ran away and soon he was at my door. He held a box of chocolate in his hands. "Happy Valentine's Day." He smiled and he handed me the box.

"Thank you Zayn." I planted my lips on his and sparks flew everywhere, like always.

He sat down on the couch and we watched TV for the rest of the night.

Maybe I won't spend Valentine's Day all alone. I thought.

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