Be My Valentine? (Louis Tomlinson Oneshot)

Louis One shot Valentines Day Edition!

(For Contest 1SHOT41D.)


1. Be My Valentine

Your long time friend, Louis Tomlinson, Yes from famous boyband One Direction, will be in your state Januarary thru March, you've had long time feelings for him, and felt like Valentines Day was a good day to share your feelings with him.

You sighed and anxiously looked at your watch waiting for the time 2:50.
You and Louis were going to meet up at Starbucks for some coffee, and 'Catching up'.

The time was finally here. You grabbed your coat and made your way out to the car, and drove to Starbucks.

You walked in biting your lip, nervously, looking for Louis.

You saw someone wave and you looked at him, you waved 'Hi' back and walked towards Louis.
"It's been forever! How are you?" He asked, you smiled.
"I'm great! I'm glad to be here with you!" You said, and saw the waitress walking up to you.
"What can I get you guys?" She asked, you gave her your order along with Louis with a smile.
She walked of and you both continued.

"Louis; we've been friends for, ever. I want to let you know how I feel, so..--" you were cut off by a pair of lips crashing onto yours. Your heart was racing and you finally relaxed, that was the best kiss you've ever had.

"Be my Valentine?" He asked, you blushed and nodded. "For forever?" He asked again, your eyes got big as your relized he was asking to be your boyfriend. You nodded once again and that day could've never gotten better.
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