My heart on the line

Niall & Nicole are best friends until Nicole tells Niall she's had this huge crush on him since she met him before his x-factor audition. Will Niall tell her the truth, that he felt the same way, or will he be too shy?

( this is kinda dedicated to my friend, but she'll never see it..)


1. This is serious.

Nicole's P.O.V
I laughed as I ran to meet Niall at the airport gates. He had that big goofy grin on his face, the one I'd been missing since I last saw him, a year ago. His arms were open and I threw myself into them, hugging him tightly. The familiar smell of his cologne was all around me, just like the first time I met him, and it always broke my heart. I pulled away, looking down at the ground. "Nicole, is something wrong?" His accent had a britain tinge to it and I looked up at him with a soft sigh, if there was ever a time to tell him, it would be right now, looking into those beautiful, blue endless eyes. I mentally slappped myself. I was never going to tell him. Then I felt his arm resting against mine, he was so unaware of the feelings going through my head at the simple touch of our arms, that I couldn't stand it anymore.
 "Yes Niall.. Something is wrong. Something's very wrong. I mean, when you've loved your best friend since you met him, and you've never had the courage to tell him, thats pretty wrong dont you think?" There was silence and I gasped, completely surprised and shocked at the words that had slipped my mouth. I cover eyes and dart outside the airport quickly, before I burst into tears, right there and then.

Niall's P.O.V
I was shocked. I always thought she... I never thought that she loved me. 'Likes.' I correct myself and dash after her, catching her arm in my hand, turning her to face me. She looks at me and I can tell shes holding in her tears. I open my mouth to say something then stop, my mouth halfway open because I dont know what TOO say. I want to tell her the truth. That I feel the same way, I always have. But I cant do it. So instead I lie.
 "Lets forget you said it.." she nods, wiping at her eyes. I look at her, feeling sad. If only I had the courage to tell her, then I remember. Its Valentines day. I slap myself and grab her hand. 
"I dont care that we've been best friends since we met, the only thing I've ever wanted to be in your eyes is the guy you love. Now I find out that, thats what I've always been to you, well that means one thing." I grin and she looks around, confused.
 "Niall?" She turns her face back to me. I smile reassuringly and squeeze her hand.
 "Nicole, will you be my Valentine?" her face lights up and the next thing I know she's in my arms, tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks and dripping onto my shirt. I pick her up and spin her around. As I put her down, she leans closer and whispers in my ear.

'Yes Niall, I will be your Valentines.'

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