I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


2. Chapter two



I awoke from a deep sleep, vampires dream to and I remembered my dream, I was running in a thick field of grass and besides me there was a huge dog, a beast.

We ran on and then I saw a smaller dog, the beast went for the little dog and began to eat it, the owner cried out and I attacked him quickly.

That’s all that I can remember but the dream was so vivid.

I got up and immediately Bobby knocked on the door, “They are downstairs boss on dance floor one”.

I didn’t need to speak to him I sent him a reply using my mind, he moved off and I turned on the camera monitors.

I saw them at the bar, there were three of them, the tall one was doing most of the talking so I imagined that he was the ring leader, boy was I going to have some fun tonight.

I put some scent on my skin, we vampires don’t smell too good most of the time and I tied my long hair back into a pony tail.


“Now you just follow me and do what I say and this will be a piece of cake”, the tall man said to his colleges. He had a big pointed nose and a crocked smile and thinning brown hair, he looked ugly.

“Okay boss”. Said a short stocky man, he was bald and had a round face but he looked a mean son of a bitch and looked like he could handle himself in a fist fight.

“Do you want some cake”, I said to the tall man appearing in front of him suddenly.

He took a step back and I could see the surprise in his eyes, he was lost for words for once at least for a little while.

“Who the fuck is you”.

“You don’t want cake then”.

“I will give you two minutes to get the fuck out of my face”.

I smiled at him and I could see he was unsure as to what action to take, I had scared him.

“Please allow me to introduce myself I am Count Benoit”.

“So who the fuck is that and what a silly name”, this time it was the short stocky man who spoke.

“I am the owner of the pit”.

The tall man regained his composure, “I’m Darren Jenkins”.

I shook hands with him giving him a tight little squeeze and a smile I looked at him straight in the eyes at all times, he kept looking away.

“Please gentlemen come to my office I believe that you want to talk some business with me”.

“Yes we do mate”, said the stocky man.

“Shut it Dave yes we do count thank you”.


I showed them into my office and I had Bobby standing over by the far wall looking menacing, Darren and Dave sat down the third man stood up, he was almost as tall as Darren but a lot skinner.

I put my hands together sitting behind the desk and looked from Darren to Dave, “What can I do for you gentlemen”.

Darren spoke up I could see he was very unsure now, “Its like this count we run a lot of places now in this town and we got a heavy rep”.

He paused and looked at Bobby in the corner, then turned his ugly pointy face back to me, “We don’t want to come down hard on you count”.

“Come down on me hard what do you mean”, I smiled at him.

“We want a piece of your club in return we will make sure no one muscles in or cause you trouble”.

I rubbed my smooth chin and looked at the ceiling, “So you want me to pay you protection money”.

Darren nodded Dave said, “Yes mate if you know what’s good for you”, he cracked his knuckles and gave me a mean stare which I returned, and he looked away.

“Give me a minute to think”, I smiled at Darren this was going to be fun, I could read his mind and saw that he carried a hand gun and he would use it too, that was good.

Dave and the other man had knuckle dusters and Dave had a flick knife but that was all.

I turned to Bobby and said to him, “What do you think Bobby”.

Bobby smiled a mean smile and replied, “I think you should tell them to fuck off while they still can”.

“Hey fucker”, and then Darren pulled out the hand gun, he pointed it at Bobby, “I will use this you arsehole”.

Bobby shrugged his big shoulders and laughed at the man; Darren turned round to me and pointed the gun at me, “Well what’s it going to be count”.

I looked him right in the eyes and said two words “Fuck off”.

The gun went off in his hand and three bullets tore into my clothes, he went backwards and fell to the floor, this was so good.

Next I heard three more shots as he unloaded on Bobby, I heal real quick and soon the bullets had been pushed out of my skin, I took them in my hand.

I threw them onto the table and stood up to my feet, the look of shock horror on Darren’s face was priceless.

He looked down at the spent bullets and then up at me, I smiled and looked across at Bobby, and Darren followed my glace.

Bobby stood on his feet, he too threw the bullets at the table,”Damn that stings”, he said smiling.

I reached out and took the gun from Darren’s hand, in one movement I crushed the gun in my hand, and he looked at me and cried out, “What in god’s name are you”.

The third man was trying to get the locked door open, Bobby raced over to him and took the man in his arms, he began to feed from the mans neck.

“Time to die”, I said and I leapt upon the two men, first I knocked Dave to the ground with a hard slap, he fell his nose bleeding.

I picked up Darren by the collar and lifted him up, “Fool”, I hissed at him showing my fangs, he screamed as I bit into his exposed neck.

After me and Bobby had feed I called in some of the staff to finish off Dave, he was still moaning on the floor, it’s good to share.

That was my whole evening after I had feed I didn’t need to roam so I stayed again in my room at the club.

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