I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


12. Chapter twelve




So damn the bloody dream, after all that’s all it was just a dream, nothing more so I didn’t make a big deal out of it but it kept niggling at the back of my mind.

Ben trotted besides me as we walked down the front of Brighton town; we passed the big grand hotel and headed for an Italian restaurant.

We stopped outside I could see through the glass window that the place was popular, nearly ever table was taken, and he I looked down at Ben and smiled.

“I fancy Italian tonight”.

We entered the restraint and a stern looking man came up to me and looked with disgust at Ben.

“Sorry sir but no dogs allowed”.

“Oh I think my dog is allowed”.

I starred at him and he smiled back at me the stern look gone.

“Of course, sir please follows me”.

The looks we got as we walked past the tables, people couldn’t believe that a dog was allowed in, it was so funny.

I sat down and looked at the menu of course I wasn’t going to eat but I had to play the part well, I looked around the room and found one man who was actually Italian, he would be my meal for the night.

After I had entered the minds of the other diners and made Ben invisible to them things went back to normal and people stopped starring at us.

I waited for the Italian man to go to the toilet and then I followed him, there was one man at the urinals I made him leave without washing his hands, then the man went into one of the cubicles.

I knocked on the cubicle door.

“Excuse me sir but you are in my cubicle”.

I waited for his reply, I was having fun, but there was none I probably thought I would just go away.

I knocked again louder this time.

“Sir I really need to use my cubicle”.

“Go away will you”.

“But sir I cant you are using my cubicle”.

“Fuck off before you make me mad”.

This was great fun and I smiled at the closed cubicle door.

“Look sir if you could just move to the next cubicle”.

I heard him pulling up his trousers.

“Okay fucker now you have made me mad”.

He opened the door and started to pull his arm back his fist clenched.

He was an olive skinned man with a nearly bald head but he was handsome in a kind of rugged way.

I starred at him and he fell to his knees, the clenched fist now forgotten, I pulled him into the cubicle and bit down into his neck, I drained him to the point of death and then opened a cut on my hand, he drank the small amount and I watched him change.

I broke the window of the toilet and flew with the new vampire to my lodging house in Worthing and he too joined Sally, pretty Sally.

I went back to the restraint and me and Ben left without ordering, as we past the Italians table his wife was asking the staff to go look for her husband.


Now it was Bens turn to eat, I saw the pier in the distance and thought it would be fun to see what it was like tonight, the place stayed open till ten thirty.

We walked onto the pier the fish and chip stand on our right, how times change I remembered this place years ago when it was all run by English people, now the fish and chips were all Polish or Russian staff.

Oh well didn’t matter to me they all tasted the same, we walked on and came to the food court, a place where you could get take away or eat in, next to this was flash back, where you dressed up in old clothes and got your picture taken.

The pier was crowded and I patted big Bens head and said to him, “Don’t worry big fellow you will eat soon”

I headed to the horror hotel, a fun ride through a house of horrors and I had an idea, quick as lightening we went round the back and I found a door, it had a pad lock but that was nothing to me.

We went inside and I could see the track running over head, we made our way in and then I found a stretch of track that was waist high and we waited.

The next person along would be one unlucky fucker, we didn’t wait long someone was on the ride, as the cart came closer I reached out.

There were two people in the cart a young girl and boy, they were holding onto the rail in front of them and I reached out and grabbed the girl.

She didn’t even know what had taken her and neither did the boy, when the cart came out of the exit he only realised then that she was missing.

I laid the girl on the floor and Ben took her, he ripped open her throat and lapped at the blood as it pumped out of the wound.

It was too late to think about making her into a vampire, Ben had killed her, I took the drained body in my arms and we went out the back.

I floated up into the sky and out to sea, after a couple of miles I dropped her into the ocean and went back to Ben.


We walked off the pier as a search party was put together to look for the missing girl, she would probably wash up somewhere in a few days but what the hell, no one would know what the hell happened to her not for sure anyway.

As we walked back we saw men holding hands and laughing, yes this was the gay capital of England, south England anyway, and that too I didn’t mind even gays tasted the same.

I took Ben in my arms and we lifted off the ground, I flew back to my house in Kent and put Ben down, it was nearly sun up.

We went inside and it was nice to sleep in the comfortable coffin and I knew that Ben felt the same.

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