I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


3. Chapter three



What’s the word to use unfinished business the left overs, you see every gang has a few members which don’t turn up for the party.

I had read Darren’s mind before his life came to an end, I could have made them my slave vampires of course but I was far too angry to do that.

I killed them all and had my number two Bobby go to the woods and dig a large grave for the bodies.

Now as I said the left overs, there were two more of the gang who had not turned up that night in my office, the next evening I went looking for them.

The first man was a small guy he must have only been five foot dead and boy was he soon going to be dead.

He was waiting on a corner, I could read his mind and he had been trying to phone his dead boss all day.

The mobile was in his hand and I could see he looked worried, well he would be he was a loser if it wasn’t for the other scum bags he would never have got a job.

I looked at him for a while deciding how to finish him, I was hungry that was for sure.

I walked closer to him and saw that he had a head of curly hair he looked like something out of the seventies.

I drew closer and he looked up from the mobile in his hand, he was quite handsome in a funny sort of way, if he changed his hair style he would be a good looking man.

“You got a light mate”, I said to him in a rough London accent.

He looked at me as if I was a piece of shit on his shoe, “No mate”, he replied.

“What you don’t smoke you fucking dwarf”, I spat the words out at him.

I starred into his eyes and now I could see fear, my eyes flashed red, he tried to turn and run, and I shot out my hand and grabbed his leather coat.

There was an alley close by and I pulled him into the dark recess.

It was over quickly I bit down into his throat and drank the sweet blood, this time I made him a vampire, slowly drawing out a little of my blood and letting him taste it.

He was lost at first but I soon put my powers to work and had him under my spell for good, I ordered him to go over to a new building of mine, so far their were only a hand full of vampires living there.

He went without a word and I quickly scanned the streets reaching out with my mind, I found the other scum bag, he was over in the park of all places.


I walked into the park it wasn’t a big place about the size of a football pitch with an iron fence going all the way round it.

But the park had many trees and as you entered it was a beautiful sight in the darkness walking down the line of trees.

So many places to hide, for a vampire prowling the night for blood it was a god send, you could easy feed every night here but of course you had to be careful when killing humans. You had to get rid of the bodies and not draw attention to yourself.

Sometimes that was a pain in the arse, that’s why I had my vampires drinking the blood of cows and goats, that’s why I had them farmed, killing too many humans was bad news for my kind.

I didn’t want us to be found out yet, when the time was right I would bring my army to fight the humans and then they would know about us but then it would be far too late.

I spotted him on the grass, he was sitting down and he had a huge dog with him, the thing was the size of a small pony and as big as hell.

He was also a big man and was very wide about the shoulders.

“Hey mate got a light”, well might as well use the same line.

He turned his face round and I could see his broken nose and a large scar that ran down the side of his face, he was one mean bugger.

“Sorry mate I don’t smoke”, his voice was gentle and it surprized me for such a big man.

He patted his dog, “That’s a lovely animal you have there”.

The big man stood up on his feet, I am six feet and this guy towered over me, he was a monster of a man.

I had to have this man, without a word I punched the big man on the chin; he went down in a heap on the grass, the dog tensed and then jumped at me.

I was ready and grabbed hold of the dog in mid air; I brought its throat up to my mouth and dug my fangs in.

I drank the warm blood from the dog and as it was close to death I let the dog taste my blood.

When the change had finished I bent down and took hold of the mutts head and looked into his eyes, I made him mine forever, the dogs mind is a simple one and it was easy to take him over.

I pointed at the large man on the grass and the dog walked over to him, the man was just coming round shaking his head and saying, “What the fuck hit me”.

He saw his dog,”Ben come here boy”, the dog growled at him and the man started to back away, moving his arse over the grass.

The dog leapt on the man and I heard screams as the dog bit into his arm and began to feed, soon the man was almost dead, “Off him Ben”,I said. I hoped the screams wouldn’t draw people to the park it was time to make a quick exit.

The dog moved away and I let the big man taste my blood from a tiny wound on my hand, I made him mine, it was a bit like cattle branding, I put my sign on the vampires.

I told him to also go to the new building and off he went as meekly as a lamb, this big man would come in handy in the future.

I patted Ben’s big head, “And you my new best friend can come home with me”.

I took him to my home I would not stay at the club tonight; my home was a large house inside a seven foot brick wall with iron gates at the front.

It was one of many homes I had dotted all over England; this one was the closest so I and Ben stayed there.

The house had four bedrooms with bathrooms at the top, dining room and kitchen, a large living room and a library with a games room also.

Of course there was a basement, every home I owned had a basement, and me and Ben went down the basement and slept together in my large coffin that first night.

This was going to be the start of a long friendship and many adventures.

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