I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


13. Chapter thirteen



I woke up with disturb images in my mind, I had dreamed of the so called gangsters who had tired to muscle in on me, this time the big ugly guy this time changed into a winged serpent and took me in his massive jaws and flew away with me.

I dreamed of the black man in the petrol station saying my mum said I would meet the devil one day and then I looked down at my feet and they were hoofed and I said to him.

“Yes she was right” and I laughed at him.

The dreams I let slowly fade as I got out of my coffin, I thought of my old companion John, good old John I will have to visit him soon, Scotland to me was not far at all.

Then I thought of the beautiful ginger haired Sally now in one of my houses in Worthing, she would make a fine companion for me one day, she was even more beautiful as a vampire and would make easy work of human men.

Now today was an important day or night if you want to be exact, I was going to look at a new house in Epsom surrey; I already had a house in Sutton which was almost full.

The house in Epsom was big and was out in the countryside, which was perfect; it had once belonged to a famous horror writer so the old place had history.

Plus the place was a wash with ghost stories and even demons, the horror writer had once said in a magazine that he had called a powerful demon to protect him.

He had died two years after the magazine article of a heart attack, so much for being protected by a demon, any way don’t demons always ask for a price to be paid for their help and that was almost always death.


Ben was fine about spending the evening on his own, he would go to the farm and feed on the cattle and then maybe chase rabbits, and he secretly hopped that he would meet a few more young men ready to batter him just like the last time, good old Ben.

I flew up into the air and headed towards Epsom, it wouldn’t take me long, I saw a woman in an alley way, two men were hitting her, I stopped and went down for no better reason than having a bit of fun with them all.

I heard the rip of cloth as I landed, one man had ripped the woman’s shirt open, and her white bra could be seen underneath, her nipples stuck out through the material.

“Hey let me go first you know I got the big one”.

The man was a dirty down and out who lived on the streets and when he was sober he liked to rape women, he was short and under fed with a thick busy beard, his mate was taller and in much the same condition as the first.

The tall one laughed and then I laughed too, the two men stopped and looked in my direction.

“Who the fucks are you”, said short man who name was Tony.

“I’m the devil Tony”.

“How the fuck did you know my name”.

“I’m the devil Tony”, I repeated.

The tall man moved closer to me as if trying to have a better look it was dark in the alley.

“You stay put Winston”.

He stopped and looked at Tony.


At this point I decided to let the woman live, she had a husband who she loved dearly and two small children; I would feed on the men and let her go.

I walked over to the tall man and grabbed his dirty blue shirt I picked him up and throw him against the wall not hard I didn’t want to kill him yet; the other man was rooted to the spot.

I walked up to the woman and smiled at her, she had tears down her face, I went into her mind and made sure she forgot all of this, she had slipped and caught her shirt and it had ripped very embassing but that was it, I tidied up her shirt and said.

“Go now”.

She walked quickly towards the street and then she turned a corner and was gone, I turned back to the short man Tony and smiled at him.

“This is from Bert you remember old Bert your best buddy”.

The man went into shock, he had killed old Bert by pushing him in front of a train in the underground four years ago, and police had closed the case and thought it was a suicide.

I grabbed him round the neck and whispered into his ear before I ripped his throat out, “Bert says fuck you”.

I fed on Tony and that would have been enough but I had Winston to deal with, he was just getting back to his feet.

At this point I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye, it was there one moment then it was gone, I knew that it must be a vampire it moved real quickly.

I had the feeling that this being was watching me it unnerved me for a second then I attacked the man by the wall.

I was bored and just bit into his neck I could have said this was from martin that he had killed when he was young, he had stabbed him in a gang war but like I said I was bored with the game.

I took both bodies into the air and flew around until I saw a huge waste tip, I landed and threw the bodies into the garbage, it didn’t matter if they were found, they were down and outs.


I flew to the house in Epsom without stopping this time, when I got there the estate agent was waiting for me, he got out of his jaguar car, red and shiny and new.

He wore a very expensive suit and when he shook my hand his grip was strong and I squeezed back hard and he almost let out a cry, I smiled at him and he looked away.

He was a prat, everything to him concerned money, he was flash and tired to show he was the best at everything, he was medium height and to me he looked ugly all that money he spent on his face was a waste.

I took the key off him; he was starting to irritate me.

“You can go now I will let you know tomorrow”.

“I can’t do that sir I have to stay”.

I starred at him and said,”Fuck off”.

He went like a puppy dog and got into his car and drove away, he would get a good kick up the arse from his boss when he told them he had left me at the house with the key ha-ha.

I stood in front of the old house; it had its own grounds inside the brick wall that went round the perimeter.

I could sense an evil coming from the house, it was strange I hadn’t felt such evil in such a long time, this was going to be very interesting, I walked up to the old front door and inserted the key.

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