I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


10. Chapter ten



After all of the excitement of yesterday I decided that we would take a trip to Brighton and spend a couple of days by the sea, Ben had never seen the sea before.

I logged into Facebook just to have a quick look, I liked a few posts but didn’t talk to any one, I went on twitter and posted that I was going to Brighton.

I went into YouTube and watched a few monkey video’s I love monkeys and I also saw a video titled the hyena man, amazing video about a man feeding the hyenas from his mouth, they are such big animals as well.

Then I logged off and saw Ben looking up at me with his big round eyes, I stroked him, “Okay my friend lets go”.

I locked up the house and picked up big Ben, I flew into the night sky, in a little while we had reached Brighton, first I landed in a graveyard, I had been here before many years ago, and I had used the large crypt to sleep in.

To my delight I saw that it still stood in the old cemetery, I broke the lock and opened the door, it swung inwards.

The musty smell of old wood and cloth reached my nose, I saw the small inside hadn’t changed, and there were two old coffins, nearly rotten away now.

It was big enough for me and Ben to sleep on the floor, he turned his nose up at the idea but I told him it was only for one night.


I took Ben to the beach; I landed on the pebbles and the made that noise which is so pleasing to the ear, pebbles on pebbles sound.

He walked over to the ocean and looked out across the gentle waves of the sea, I told him to go into the water at first he wasn’t sure but then he put his two front paws into the cold water.

He looked back at me and then dived into the ocean, he was soon swimming, doing his doggy paddle, it was fun to watch him.

I heard a couple making love on the beach, they were under the pier, and I spoke to Ben in his mind, would you like to feed now my friend.

Ben came out of the water and shook himself, the spray of water went every where, I laughed as lots of it went over me, “You mutt”, I laughed.

We went silently over to the pier in the dark I could see clearly, the man was on top of the woman fucking away at her like there was no tomorrow.

Soon he let out a grunt and came inside her, he climbed off and I saw the trimmed ginger hair of her sex,she was a good looking young thing, ginger hair and freckles all over her face but they somehow made her look cute.

The boy was a skinny runt and why she chooses to go with him was a mystery, he was one ugly motherfucker, any way that didn’t matter now they were both going to die, maybe I would make the girl a vampire, and I had a holding house in Worthing close to Brighton.


The boy leaned against one of the pillars and lit a cigarette while the girl pulled up her tiny panties and got to her feet.

“Well that was not bad”, he sneered at her.

“What do you mean Simon”, she had a cute voice I liked her.

“I mean that tomorrow I will fuck someone else”.

“You bastard I knew you only wanted one thing”.

“Yes bitch and I got that”, he laughed and began to walk away, and I tapped Ben on the head.

Ben ran to the boy and jumped on his back, the boy went down hard face first into the pebbles of the beach, the wind was knocked from his body and he struggled to breathe.

Ben tore at the back of the boys head, blood sprayed over Ben’s face, he licked at his face with his huge tongue, he tore off the boys head from behind, it was easy for Ben he just clamped down, the whole of the boys neck going into his mouth and bit hard.

The head came away and rested on the pebbles, Ben began to lap up the blood greedily.


The young girl didn’t see any of this, it was dark and humans can’t see well in the dark, she heard the sound of pebbles as Ben tore after the young man Simon but that was it.

I stepped out from behind a pillar; she gasped and moved back a step.

“Fuck you scared the life out of me mister”.

“Sorry love”, I said to her then “I thought I heard voices so just came to investigate you are okay”.

She was getting her breath back now, I could see her smiling at me, and damn she was cute.

“That was me mister I am fine now thank you”.

“Good girl”, I replied.

“Well I had better get going mother will be wondering where I am”.

Right at that moment I thought of making her my partner and keeping her alive just like the time before but then she would grow old and die just like my former beloved and I didn’t want to see that again.

No I would make her into a vampire and keep her in Worthing, if and when Ben ever left me I would come and get her and she could be my new companion.

I made it as quick and painless as I could for her, I took her in my arms and bit into her white throat, I drank her blood and her body went limp.

I lay her down on the pebbles and made a cut on my wrist using my long sharp nails, I fed her a tiny bit of my blood and watched as she changed, she was even lovelier as a vampire, she was a gorgeous creature.

I took her in my arms and told Ben to stay and wait for me, I flew her to the Worthing house and changed her soiled clothes, I told her I would come back for her soon and made her my ever faithful slave as I did to all my vampires there was only one master and that was me.

I flew back to Ben and I took the mans body and head, I found some rope and done some swimming of my own, I swam out to the last pillar on the pier well under the water.

I dived down and tied the boys head and body to the bottom of the pillar; they would stay there until eaten away by the sea creatures no one would look under the sea here.


That first night in Brighton had been fun, after getting rid of the man’s body we walked around Brighton, I showed Ben everything, a few people out late from the clubs looked at Ben and crossed the road, and he was a fearful sight for sure.

What to do tomorrow, that would just happen as it happened, Ben wondered why we couldn’t just stay in the grand hotel on the sea front but I told him it was too much trouble better to stay away from to many humans.

We went back to the crypt and we lay on the hard floor as the daylight took over from the night, we both slept soundly.

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