I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


16. Chapter sixteen




The next two families were nice and so I didn’t have anything to do for many years that is until the second family fell apart. They had done the old house up nice and cared for the gardens it was good to see her in good health again the house was like my sister.

There son was in the army and was trained to kill and kill he did, he got drunk one night and had a fight with a man in a bar, he ended up killing the man and throwing his body into the river.

He was upset to his father and told him everything but I knew in his heart he was pleased that he had killed the man.

It was a shame I liked him when he was a young boy and would often watch him playing in the garden and swinging on the swings attached to the large tree branches.

I went into his room one night and appeared as a giant bee, the man hated bees, he screamed for his father and I vanished, he had the bee vision a few more times and soon he was committed to a mental hospital.

I remember seeing him leave they had him in a strait jacket and he was moaning and jabbering about giant bees coming to get him and while inside he admitted to killing the man and throwing him in the river case closed.

After that the family never really got over the incident and moved away a few years later, I think they moved somewhere closer to the mental hospital.


Then enter Jerry Holdsworth now he was a character. Flash to start with, he made sure everyone knew he had money but of course it was a lie.

He did have money at some point in his life he had been left a small fortune by this dead parents and he had lived well maybe to well and had spent most of it.

The last of the money he had used to buy my house but he put on the front of having loads of money and the rich people invited him to their parties.

His plan was to get in with the rich, chat up one of their daughters he wasn’t to fuzzy about their looks or body shapes and his he did, he tried it on with three girls but had no luck, he was a man in his forties even with money a girl in her twenties wouldn’t be interested and why would they, they had money themselves.

He was starting to get desperate the money was so low that he wouldn’t be able to pay the electric bill and how would he explain that to his new buddies.

His rover car which he kept immaculate was in need of a good service but he couldn’t afford that either, like I said he was in his forties as skinny as a rake but he had good looks and blonde short hair a catch to someone his own age and that’s just what he did.

He meet Ruby at one of the many parties and this time she was a widow and her husband had left her a fortune, they hit it off and I saw her for the first time a few days later when he brought her home.

What can I say she was no looker she looked like a pig and had the body of a whale I believe I know a demon like that ha-ha.

But she was a lovely woman, she was pure and clean and good inside, I had never seen such a good human it was incredible she could have been a saint and I liked her immediately.

Like I have said I only prey on the wicked, I like good people I’m not a bad demon, well okay I kill humans but you have to admit they deserve it.

So Jerry started seeing this woman Ruby she was thirty eight and had only been married the once and ever since her husband had died she had not so much as looked at another man.

They went out for a few months and he was forever bring up the subject of money it was annoying me let alone her, he was a shark and she was a little fish in his way.

She started to lend him money not much and he would always say I will pay you back soon just waiting on one of my deals in America to come good and so it went on.

They talked of marriage and one night he got her drunk and they both signed a paper which stated that if and when they married everything each owned would go to the other on ones death.

That was all he needed and he plotted the marriage and her death, he was an evil money motivated bastard and I hated him.

One night I took the form of Ruby and walked into the bedroom, he was laying on the bed reading, he looked up and at first was shocked but then smiled.

“Ruby what a lovely surprise how did you get in”.

“I have my ways darling”.

I slipped off the gown I was wearing and let it fall to the carpeted floor, I was standing naked before him, this woman was big but boy her breast were awesome, round with large nipples but she was bald between her legs but I hear some men like that.

He started to pull off his clothes I saw that he was limp, she had never turned him on it was only the money he wanted.

I climbed on top of him and held his hands down, my face was just above his and my body weighed his down into the bed.

I changed my face into an eagle the large wickedly shape beak inches away from his face, he looked up in horror and screamed, no one would hear him scream.

Then I changed my head into a lions and swooped up his hands to my mouth and bit them both clean off, blood spurted everywhere, it covered my form he screamed louder.

I held him he was losing a lot of blood and I let him die, the room was a gory mess but I was happy that I had killed him let the police work out how it was done.


Now that almost brings us up to speed, after him there was a gap and then a nice families again for a good few years and then the last man before you came there a looking.

His name was Fred Washer and he was a pig of a man, fat as a cow and he smelt bad too never putting on deodorant.

He had the largest collection of porn I have ever seen, he had boxes of the stuff, like I said he was a fat fucker and ugly to boot, he had a bushy brown beard and long brown hair which hid most of his ugly face.

He had travelled the world in search of the one thing that turned him on and that was snuff movies, the thought that some girl was being fucked in front of camera and then unknown to her she was to be butchered after the act.

I have seen a lot of sick things being on earth but this one took the can, he had found these movies in Bangkok and had paid people to get him the movies and he had been present at one.

Now he had found a ring of men in England who were into the same thing, one night he invited the two leaders round for dinner and to discus the making of their own snuff movie they were going to use my house.

One of the men went upstairs to the bathroom and left the other two talking, he was a small man with glasses and to look at him you would never have guessed what he was really like but then they say never judge a book by its cover and how true that was.

He closed the bathroom door and I set to work, he sat down on the toilet to have a shit, I tuned on the shower the curtains where drawn across.

He looked at the shower and now he could see a form under the water, he stood up and pulled up his pants, he took hold of the shower curtain and pulled it back, it was empty; he turned off the shower and went back onto the toilet.

Before he could shit I put my hand up the toilet and grabbed his hairy arse, he jumped so high I think he nearly hit the ceiling.

He landed in a heap and I came out of the toilet as he was looking, first I put out a skinny white arm and then another, then I pulled my head out of the toilet, I had long black hair and evil red eyes that looked at him.

He screamed and got to his feet he tried the door but it was locked he screamed for his friends downstairs but of course I made sure they couldn’t hear him.

I put my arms around his body.


I waited and it took maybe twenty minutes before his so called mates realised he had been gone for so long, his buddy came up the stairs and left fat fuck down in the living room.

This man was tall and skinny and he had a face like a weasel, he went to the bathroom and tried the handle it was open and he pushed the door inwards and gasped at the sight before him.

His mate had his head stuck down the toilet and water was gushing out of the bowl his arms hung limp at the sides of the toilet and the legs were straight.

The man turned and ran as he hit the top step I tripped him and he screamed as he fell head long down the stairs, he hit the bottom with a sickening crunch, he had broken his neck.

Fat fuck came out of the living room and looked in horror at his new found friend dead at the bottom of the stairs then he looked up at the top of the stairs.

I stood their in my blue boiler suit and Halloween mask and I looked just like Michael Myers from the Halloween films if I could have put the music in as well I would have it was so funny.

The fat man shit himself and I mean he actually shit his pants, he moaned and went backwards into the living room were I was waiting for him, he turned at my cry.

I was standing in the middle of the room, I had a goat’s body and the head of a lion, he screamed as I roared.

I didn’t have to kill him he died of a heart attack right there on the spot.


“So my friend that’s my story of course I know yours I have read your thoughts many times”

“Yes as I gathered using the form of people I know”.

“I showed this to you to try and explain I don’t want your kind in my house you have no souls how could I kill the evil at heart, you are all evil but I can’t kill you do you understand my position”.

I nodded my head I had to admit that I felt sorry for the demon; it would be a living hell for him if I turned his house into a vampire lodge.

“Okay my friend I will not buy your house how is that and you have my word”.

“That is good enough for my Louis”.

I shook hands with the demon and saw that the first waves of sunlight were coming through the windows it was time to go.

“I hope we don’t meet again”, I said as I went out into the front garden.

“Like wise”, he replied and I sailed into the air.

When I got back Ben was waiting for me and I hugged him tightly it had been some night, we went down into the basement and soon were fast asleep.

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