I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


6. Chapter six



Let’s see now it’s so hard to think back in time I will do my best and keep it short, there were too many years where nothing happened that’s worth writing about any way.

I sit here in my home and I am stroking big Bens head and I think back to my first companion, his name was John and he was a professor at a college, he was an old man when I made him dying of cancer.

I didn’t really know why I turned him when he was already so old but I did, I liked him for his mind, he was always sharp and knew so much, I learned a great deal from him over the years we were together.

He wasn’t into the fun kills, so if I wanted to have fun I had to do it on my own which became a bit boring to tell you the truth.

We out grew each other and went our separate ways, well that’s not really true like I said I am building an army of vampires, so he is now in charge of one of my houses.

He runs it well and the vampires there have a lot of respect for him, I visit him from time to time, the house is in the Scottish highlands near a place called inch cape, very remote and that’s the way he likes it.


Next was Dean a wild son of a bitch, ha-ha we tore up many towns in our blood orgy days, he was great fun but a bit of a whiner.

We would pick up girls and take them back to one of my houses, play with them for a bit, telling them we were the devil and me floating up to the ceiling, it scared the crap out of them and they would sob and cry.

But afterwards it would always be, your girl was better looking than mine, I tired to tell him that when I made him I tried my best to make him as handsome as I could but I don’t work miracles.

He was one ugly young man with a long chin and an even bigger nose, of course he didn’t find that very funny.

I stayed with him for a few years like I said we had some fun times together, like when we got together with a human man who wanted to start his own business.

I put the money in for the tea shop business in a little town in Kent, the tea shop was for the old people of the town and for a while it made a little profit.

But I played with the guy and soon got bored of being in that business, so one night we made him open the shop late and we came in dressed as old ladies.

Of course it didn’t take long before he realised it was me and my business friend, even the long dresses and wigs couldn’t hide us.

We made him make tea and bring cakes, then we started to throw the cakes at the walls, he stood there with his mouth open, I let dean take him.

We didn’t kill him we made him and the old boy is in one of my houses, I left a sign for the old people to see the next day on the front door, fuck off you old gits, it read.

We grew apart as it often happens I was with dean for many years, he is now in charge of a house in Kent and I often see him.


My last companion before big Ben was a mistake I would never repeat, it was nice while it lasted but this game was evil even by my standards.

I met Lucy at a dance I was staying at a house in Kent Surrey, the dance was nice and I enjoyed dancing with the human girls, they were having such a good time and I was glad I went.

I saw Lucy in a corner a stunning ginger haired girl, she was big through and she hated being fat and ugly, those were her thoughts, she was stunning.

I went over and asked her to dance, my beautiful Lucy and it all started from there but I could not bring myself to changing her.

We lived together in a house in Sutton Surrey, I had brought the house only the year before it was a nice place in a quiet street, two bedrooms upstairs and of course I had a large basement built and the garden at the back was huge so I liked the place.

We lived together and I told Lucy I worked the night shift and that I needed to sleep during the day, I had my bed in the basement, she didn’t mind, I gave her a good life she never wanted for anything.

Now vampires cant make love that’s what you are thinking reader but you are so wrong, we can made love very well, well I can I don’t know about others. I can make my penis hard and keep it hard for as long as I want but I can never ejaculate, my semen is dried up and no good.

But I could pleasure her and I did regularly, but of course she grew old and I stayed young, I told her I had a gene problem and I didn’t age that much like so many things she just believed me.

Lovely Lucy died when she was fifty of cancer and I didn’t make her one of us, I didn’t have the heart I wanted to always remember her as a woman not a vampire.

I made Lucy a lavish tomb and had her buried inside in a marble coffin, I still visit the tomb to this day, she was my last companion until I met big Ben who is sitting by my side right now.

I went on Facebook and played the game zombie lane, that game is so damn good ha-ha.

I spoke to some human who was on I didn’t really know her but had added her anyway; she asked if I was a vampire because of my name Louis Decourt one of many names I use.

I downloaded some pictures of an English boxer who had been British middleweight champion and posted them to her and told her I was the former champion and I used Louis so I could hide.

Whether she believed it or not I don’t know but you can even have fun on Facebook.

I put my lap top away and patted big Bens head, time to go to the farm and feed, I looked at Ben and promised him I would take him to London tomorrow night, this seemed to please the big old mutt.

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