I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


17. Chapter seventeen



Things were quiet for a while maybe too quiet for me; I loved to travel about and do things and have some fun with humans.

Ben was content to chase rabbits and feed at the farm and that was fine of course I loved the mutt if a vampire can feel love then that’s what I felt for big Ben.

But I was growing wearily of him and had been thinking of putting him into one of the vampire houses, he would be fine among us and the other vampires would treat him well or else feel my fury.

But as fate would have it a kept big Ben with me for a while longer, I was out on my own one night walking the streets of London, it was a horrible night and the rain lashed down, as I walked I could see the water running down the side of the road and into the drains.

I stopped outside of a bar and could hear the talking of the humans inside, maybe it would be fun to mix with them tonight and see what happens, so I entered the bar.

It was a small place the round bar was over to the wall straight as you walked in, there was a pool table to the left and a dart board then the right hand side was just made up of tables and chairs.

I went up to the bar and saw a tall lanky man leaning on one of the beer pumps; he looked at me as if I didn’t exist.

“Hey what about a drink over here”, I shouted to him.

He seemed to come out of his daze and looked at me, he walked slowly over.

“What can I get you mate”.

The guy was pissing me off.

“I will have a pint of your best young man”.

He looked at me and said, “Young man you’re not much older than me”.

If only he knew but yes I keep forgetting that I look young and handsome I have to put that part in of course.

I was going to play a game with the barman but something caught my attention over by the far side of the bar.

I took my pint of ale and walked nearer to the fat man, he had brown receding hair and a red complex, he was talking to a small bald man I couldn’t see his face just the back of his shiny head.


The fat man was almost in tears and he was telling the short man that his dream was now over, he had filmed twenty minutes of his movie and now the money had run out and he couldn’t get anyone to fund the project.

Austin the short man was trying to calm the fat man down, the fat mans name was Wayne by the way.

I moved closer still and looked the fat man in the eye and nodded at him, he tried to smile back at me but failed miserably.

“Sorry for butting in but I over heard some of your conversation”.

Austin turned round and I saw that he was an ugly pig faced man, I instantly didn’t like him and then I knew why, he had raped his younger sister years ago because he was so frustrated at finding no women and he had made her swear not to tell.

His sister was now in a mental hospital because of countless breakdowns because she couldn’t live with what he done to her, I read all this in an instant.

I moved over to the two men, I would deal with Austin at the right time but for now I wanted to talk business.

“I am Louis Decourt at your service”, I even bowed to the men.

The fat man took my hand, “I am Wayne Dunlop and this is Austin Reid”.

I had to shack hands with the dirty fucker but like I said he was a dead man walking.

“I am a wealthy man gentlemen and I couldn’t help but hear you need money for a movie”.

The fat man couldn’t believe his luck and started to stamper before he pulled himself together.

“Yes I am a director and have been making short films for many years but now I have a project that excites me and I have run out of money”.

Then Austin spoke I looked at him with interest but inside I wanted to pull his damn head off.

“I put up the money for the film and I am the producer but I have no more funds”.

“Okay tell me what the movie is about”.

The fat man coughed and took a sip of his pint, he reached into his pocket and took out a packet of cigarettes, he offered the pack to me but I shook my head no.

“You don’t mind if I do”

Of course I didn’t it wasn’t like it was going to kill me but I asked him.

“Don’t you have to smoke outside now days”?

He winked at me.

“In this pub they don’t give a shit”.

I shrugged maybe I would call the police later that would get the lanky barman back.

“My film is about zombies, its set in the countryside and in a house where five people are battling the zombies, I filmed the first twenty minutes and now we are up to the part where zombies try to break down a door”.

He stopped and looked at me watching for any reaction from me, I smiled at him.

“Man I love zombies”.

The fat man broke into a huge smile and patted me on the arm.

“So my friend do you think you can help us”.

“Meet me tomorrow night in the park across the street and I will give you your money”.

He smiled again and shook my hand.

“How much do you need Wayne”?

Austin was going to butt in and say some way off figure but the fat man stopped him; he was a good man and wouldn’t cheat anyone.

“It’s a low budget film maybe around ten thousand or six will do it”.

“Okay meet me tomorrow and I want to be there at the filming and take a role in what happens okay”.

“I don’t know about that mate”, it was Austin again he was a little weasel.

“My name is Louis mate”

I gave him a stare and he looked away I would enjoy killing this mother fucker.

The fat man smiled I prefer to call him fat man than Wayne makes it easier for me.

“Yes of course you fund us and you will have a role in the film”.

I shook the fat mans hand and again I had to shake hands with the slim ball, I left my pint on the bar and left the pub.

As I walked down the street I pulled out my mobile and called the police, I told them the name of the bar and that people were smoking inside they said they would send someone round.

I was a wicked man yes ha-ha, but I walked back home with a smile on my face.


I slept well Ben was already back when I got home, the next evening I took big Ben with me and made my way to the park, I had a suit case with me, I kept money in all my houses, usually in a safe in the basement.

The fat man was alone this time and I thanked my lucky stars just looking at Austin made me angry, I would kill him real soon and make him suffer just like his sister had suffered.

The fat man shook my hand and looked at the case and then at big Ben, I saw fear in his eyes, Ben was a huge monster of a dog as I have told you before, I would be scared if I were human too.

“Don’t worry about Ben he wont harm you”.

The fat man relaxed.

“Can I stroke him”?

“Of course you can”, I told Ben in his mind to let the fat man stroke him, Ben was ready to bite his arm off but he did as he was told.

The fat man kneeled down and stroked big Ben, he rubbed him under the chin, and Ben loved that and scratched his ears.

He stood up and I handed the suit case over to him, he took it from my hand and smiled at me.

“Ten thousand Wayne just like you wanted”, I had almost called him fat man.

I could see he was well pleased and he took me in a hug, I hugged him back and patted him on the back, I could tell how much making this film meant to him and now he could make his dream come true thanks to me.

He broke off and said.

“We start filming again next Monday I have put an add in for extra’s and have a few already so we should be good to start”.

“Excellent then next Monday it is where and when”.

“About twelve noon at this old house in the countryside near the Kent stream close to the Hudson factory”.

I knew of the place.

“Okay Wayne sees you then”.

I watched as he walked away, it would be a pain in the arse but I can go out in sun light it just makes me feel weak and big Ben was okay with all his fur.

I was looking forward to it, it would be an adventure and big Ben would be at my side, he was scarier than any zombie.

We went to the farm to feed and big Ben chased a cat round the farm but even he gave up when the cat raced over a wall.

I laughed and Ben looked at me as if to say lets see if you could have done any better.


The weekend went quietly until me and Ben ran into a group of lads, they had been camping near the farm and saw us, I waved to them, and they were not on my land so I didn’t care.

I could tell they were drunk and they sat around a blazing open fire.

“Fucking wanker”, one of them shouted over to me.

Ben wanted to kill them all but I stopped him, “Its okay Ben don’t worry”.

I walked over to the camp with Ben trotting besides me, the spotty kid who had called me a fucking wanker starred at big Ben.

“What did you call me son”, I said at the spotty teenager.

“Nothing mister honest”.

There were five of them and not one of them had the balls to fight, it was always the same big in a group shouting at people but when they came face to face with something like me and Ben they soon changed their story.

“Okay you lads just behave okay or I will call the demons to get you”.

One of the kids laughed.

“Do you think we are five year olds mister”?

“No but demons roam these fields it’s a fact”.

They went quiet and I and big Ben walked away, when I was far away and Ben had started to feed on a cow I listened to the boys.


The kid who had said do you think we are five year olds had a mop of red hair and as with most ginger kids had loads of freckles on his face.

He drank from his beer can and said.

“That man was a wanker and if he had stayed a minute longer I was going to thump him in the mouth”

“What about his big dog”, said spotty?

The ginger kid took out a knife and held it close to the flames of the fire.

“I would have killed the mutt”.

I concentrated on the fire, all of a sudden the flames turned a bright red, and I saw the kids move back a little from the fire.

Then I made a huge demon head in the flames, they screamed like little girls as I opened the demon images mouth and roared at them.

I have never seem humans move so quick, they just ran and left all their camping gear, I made the flames go wider and their camping equipment caught on fire that would teach them a lesion.

I fed with big Ben and we went home, I went on Facebook for a little while, I loved the picture I put of myself, I had got it from Google, a drawn image of a vampire it looked a bit like Tom Cruise in interview with a vampire, I liked it very much.

I looked at some of the wall posts liked a few and logged out, I went down to the basement with Ben, tomorrow filming would start, and it would be fun.

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