I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


7. Chapter seven



The next evening I was up early, while Ben slept I went on Facebook again, played my game zombie lane then liked a few of the posts; I joined a real vampire group, ha-ha if only they knew.

I thought about opening my own vampire group but then thought what’s the point there are so many anyway.

The same person came on line as yesterday you know the one I told her I’m a British champion boxer but I didn’t feel like talking with her tonight so I signed out.

I looked at my e-mails and then I switched off and had a look outside, the evening was a warm one and I went to get big Ben.


I picked up big ben and went into the air, he seemed to like flying with me and he was all eyes looking down at the ants that were people walking below us unaware that a vampire was so close to them.

I flew to London it didn’t take long and I set us down in Hyde Park, the park was dark and silent, I could hear the cars on one side, I listened for people close by but we were alone for now.

I thought back to the other incident in my park with the old man and his little dog, boy had Ben savaged that little mutt.

But there were no dogs in the park tonight, I set off walking for the main city, big Ben trotted along side me, looking around him all the time, he was good like that always alert and ready to protect me.

We walked the streets of London, I showed big ben the houses of parliament, Tower Bridge and of course his name sake big ben, he seemed to take it all in as I showed him and spoke to him, he was a very intelligent animal.

I enjoyed Big Bens Company so much and I wanted to have some fun, so when I spotted a twenty four hour shop we went inside, there was only one person shopping, we pretended to look at the items in the store and waited for the person to pay and leave.

I went up to the counter the young boy had long dirty brown hair and his face was covered in spots, I smiled at the ugly bastard and said, “I need some dog food for my dog”.

I looked down at Ben and the young man followed my glaze and his eyes opened at the shear size of my dog, Ben just stood there and starred a mean stare if ever there was one.

I allowed my mind to close the front door, the click of the latch and it was closed, next I blanked out the windows so any one walking past would not be able to see inside, of course the boy behind the counter didn’t see any of this to him the store was as normal.

“Sorry man we don’t sell dog food, he said licking his lips and eyeing Ben.

“Well want can I feed him then young man”.

I rubbed my chin pretending to think.

“What about a tin of mince we do that or a tin of Irish stew”.

“No no”, I said still rubbing my chin.

“I think my dog needs a more filling meal than that”.

“Look man I have to get on”, he looked nervously at Ben.

I clicked my fingers and the young man nearly leapt out of his skin, “shit man that scared the life out of me”.

I smiled at him, “I have the perfect meal for my dog”.

“What’s that man”?

I had read the boys mind as soon as we walked into the store and I knew his name he didn’t wear a name badge.

“You Gary Williams you”, I pointed at him and smiled.

He stood there for a moment letting the words sink in, “How did you know my name”.

I looked at the young man and then I looked at Ben.

“Go get him boy”.

Ben tensed his large body and then leapt at the counter, the counter was made of wood and it splintered, wood chips going all over the place as Ben crashed straight into the counter, a large jagged hole was in the middle of the counter.

The young boy stepped back as the counter exploded,ben was on him in an instant, the boy tried to push him off with his hands,Ben bit into one of his hands, blood sprayed over the ruined counter.

The boy screamed and Ben bit into his throat, blood spilled out of the wound, some of it going in an arc in the air until ben put his tongue there and began to lap up the life giving blood.

Now it had often puzzled me, I had looked into big Ben’s mouth and had seen the two large fangs but instead of using them he preferred to lap up the blood but it was up to him of course and it seemed to be easier for him to lap it up.

When Ben had finished I took the dog out the back and flew into the air, lucky for me that night there was warehouse on fire, so I flew over the top and dropped the young mans body inside the flames, I didn’t feel like turning him tonight.


I came back to the shop and Ben was sitting waiting for me, I stroked his furry back and played with his ears he loved that and rubbed him under the chin, his tail wagged like a mad man.

We walked the streets like I said it was a warm night and I felt at ease with Ben trotting besides me.

Now Ben maybe a vampire dog but he still had that bad habit of hating cats, I had read his mind and found out that when he was a pup a mean old cat had scratched his nose and it had pained him for weeks now he hated the things with a fury.

As we walked I spied a cat across the street, during the day this road was really busy but now it was so so but still a lot of cars used it.

I was too late Ben had seen the cat and was off like a rocket, he darted across the road and into the oncoming car.

The car hit big Ben head on, there was a wicked crunch and then the car rolled over Ben’s body on the road, the sound of brakes and the car stopped a short distance away.

I looked at Ben’s bloody body on the road, already I could hear his bones clicking back into place.

The driver got out of the car and walked over to the body of Ben, he saw me and said, “I’m so sorry mister I didn’t see him”.

I waked into the street another car had stopped now and a woman got out I needed to end this quickly before others turned up.

“That’s okay mate”, I said with a smile, “He will be fine in a second”.

The man looked at me as if I were mad, I walked over to the woman, she saw the body of the dog and put her hand to her mouth, I was on her quickly, I grabbed her round the waist and sank my fangs into her throat.

The man was just coming over to see what the hell I was doing, when Ben lifted his head up from the ground.

The man looked down in amazement, and then slowly big Ben got to his feet and shook himself, “My god”, the man said.

Ben jumped on the man and pinned him to the ground, the man cried out, “Please mister help me”.

I laughed and let the woman’s body fall to the ground she was dead, “You made my dog lose a lot of blood and now he needs filling up again”.

Ben bit into the mans throat and his moaning stopped, big Ben lapped up the blood that spurted out of the gaping wound.

As before I left Ben in a park and I dropped both bodies into the fire of the warehouse, the old warehouse had served me well this night.

I picked up Ben and I flew home, we got back just as the morning light was beginning to show in the distant sky.

We went down to the basement and we slept in my coffin.

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