I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


9. Chapter nine



I write this just before settling down for the night, Ben has his own coffin now, I had it specially made by a vampire carpenter, it’s wide and deep and lined with silk for my best friend.

We both had adventures this night I can tell you and each of us in a different location, I went my way and I let Ben go his, he wanted to go into the fields and chase rabbits, that was fine by me who would care about a few mutilated rabbits lying about.

I wanted to check on the pit first ,so off I went, I said good bye to big Ben and told him to be back well before day light, I watched him as he trotted off and disappeared into the night.


I meet Bobby in the club it was quiet when I got there, it didn’t usually start filling up till well after twelve midnight, there were a few people drinking at the bar and a couple of girls dancing on the dance floor, I walked into my office and Bobby followed.

“So any news Bobby my man”.

The big shrugged, “No sir just the same old same”.

“Well no bad news is always good news”, I smiled at him, he was a good man and I was glad I had him running the pit.

“Okay Bobby just let me know if there is any trouble”.

He nodded at me, “Yes sir of course”.

“I’m going to find my dog”, I had made up my mind to find Ben and have some fun with him.


As I walked down the high street it began to rain slightly, the night was a chilly one but being a vampire that really didn’t bother me.

I stopped as I came to a petrol station, I saw two men sitting in a car parked off to the side of the petrol station, I homed in on them and heard them talking, the thin man who looked like a weasel said, “Come on Darren lets go and rob the fucking joint”.

The other guy was a black man and he too was thin, he looked a bit like Muhammad Ali,”Yer okay man lets just get our shit together”.

I could tell that they were both going to do a line of coke before they hit the petrol station, this could be fun, and I walked across the fore court and entered the petrol station.

I stayed at the back, I could see the counter and the spotty young man behind it, there was only one other person and he was looking at the sausage rolls in the chiller, he had grey hair and looked old from the back.

The two men entered the shop and went up to the counter, I hid behind a shelf.

The black man took out his gun first and pointed it at the attendant behind the counter, “Give me the money now fuck head”.

The other weasel like man took out his gun and pointed it at the old man by the chiller,”Get the fuck over here old man now”.

The old man looked like he was going to have a heart attack, his eyes wide as he did what he was told.

The young spotty man behind the counter stood with his hands up in the air, “Give me the fucking money twat”, the black man said with menace.

The young man opened the till, he was mumbling to himself in fear, I stepped out from the shelf I was hiding behind.

“Hey fuckers leave the guy alone and get lost”

The two men turned from the counter and looked at me, “Who the fuck are you”, said the black man, the weasel said,”Fuck off or die”, waving his gun at me.

“If you two wankers leave now I will spare you okay”.

The black man started to laugh followed by his mate the weasel, he said, “What the fuck are you going to do”.

I took out my mobile phone, “I’m going to ring the police fuck face”.

The two men pointed there guns at me and let me have it, the black man emptied his gun on me, and weasel fired three shots at me, every one hit home.

I took a few in the chest, some in the gut, one in the arm and one close to my throat, I sailed through the air and landed on my back, blood pooled around my body.

The two men turned back to the counter, weasel said, “Lets get the hell out of here people would have heard the gun shots”.

“Get the bloody money now twat”, the black man hissed at the frightened attendant, who kept looking over at me.


The blood that had pooled around my body began to run back into my body, the bullets started to pop out the wounds started to heal, I was a real quick healer, well I had the pure vampire blood I was the master vampire.

I gathered up the bullets and quick as lightening I hid behind some shelves, I threw the bullets into the air and they pinged on the marble floor and rolled away in all directions.

The man turned and saw the empty floor, the attendant looked in shock.

“Where the fuck did he go”, the black man said looking at the bullets rolling around.

“Fuck man we killed him”, the weasel had fear in his voice now.

I moved quickly, to quick for the human eye, I grabbed the weasel and twisted his arm, I broke it and the gun fell to the floor, he cried out in pain and I let him sink to the floor holding his broken arm.

The black man backed off, looking at me with real fear in his eyes, “You’re the devil”, he pointed at me, and “My grandmother told me I would meet the devil one day”.

I smiled at him, and then quick as a flash I went behind him and took his throat in my arm and broke his neck, I threw him to the floor dead.

I picked up his gun, I have no finger prints so the police would never find me, I walked over to the other thug and put the gun to his head and fired, and blood and brains flew out the back of his skull and splattered on the news paper stand behind him.

I walked out of the petrol station with out a word to either of the two men inside; they just stared at the scene in shock.


After that I just went home and shortly after I got in Ben came in, I read his mind and found out that he to have an adventurous evening.

This is his little tale which I will tell you now, it is worth hearing.


After leaving me Ben went to the fields at first he walked about but no sign of any rabbits, he was thinking about going to the farm to feed when he heard voices in the woods.

Three boys were looking at Ben walking in fields.

“Let’s batter the mutt and tie fireworks to its balls”, his mates laughed at this.

“Just like the last mutt we killed”, said another.

Ben grew angry and mean, he hated to hear about his kind being mistreated by arseholes like these, if Ben wanted to kill dogs that was fine but he wouldn’t have humans do it.

Ben let out a moan and collapsed to the grass, “shit man look at that he must be ill or something”, said the tall skinny one who wanted to batter him.

The fat one who had the fireworks added, “That makes it easier for us man”.

The third boy was short and looked like he was a nervous wreck he kept twitching.

The three boys came out of the woods and began to walk towards Ben, as they got close the tall skinny one said, “Holy fuck look at the size of that mutt”.

The fat boy whistled,”Damn he’s big”.


Ben let them get a bit closer and then he pounced, the tall skinny one was in the lead and Ben went for the soft spot between his legs,Ben grabbed the boys balls in his mouth and bit down hard.

Blood poured into Bens mouth, the boy screamed out loud, his mates looking at him in shock, the dog had come from now where.

The tall skinny sank to the floor and Ben released what was left of his balls, he curled up into a ball and started to moan, he was losing a lot of blood.

Ben leapt onto the fat boy next and grabbed his throat in his jaws, blood sprayed into the night and splattered the third boy on the face, and he screamed and started to run.

Ben lapped at the spurting blood from the throat wound, when he had finished he set of after the last boy.

It didn’t take him long to catch up he paced behind the boy playing with him like a cat with a mouse, the boy screamed as he looked behind and saw the huge dog following him.

He tired to run faster but his legs were spent, Ben trotted behind him until the boy fell to the ground sobbing and pleading, “Please don’t kill me please”.

Ben ended it quickly biting into the boys throat and drinking the blood once more, he trotted back and found that the skinny one those balls he had taken off was now dead from loss of blood.


So of course Ben was sorry to me but it had been a spur of the moment thing, I stroked him, “Its okay boy don’t worry I understand”.

I got up and went outside and flew into the air, I would have to clean Bens mess up but this time I didn’t mind, those kids had deserved it.

I came back after getting rid of the bodies, I had picked them up, all three and glided across to the river, I had dug three shallow graves in a rocky place just by the rivers edge.

After I had buried them I placed large rocks over the graves, heavy buggers, no one would move these fuckers, then I flew back home.

What a night, I patted big Ben on the head and said good night, I closed my coffin lid and closed my eyes.

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