I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


14. Chapter fourteen



The house of course had no furniture, I looked round the down stairs first, the living room was big with a double window looking out to the front garden, and this had a second door leading into the dinning room.

I walked into the dinning room and saw some French windows and the back garden beyond, I could see that the garden was over grown and untended.

The kitchen was next to the dinning room, a black square was on the white wall where the oven used to be, everything had been taken out, and there was a long work top and a sink.

A door leading from the kitchen into the hallway, under the stairs there was a small cupboard, I opened this it was a small space built good for storage of course if I did buy the house I would have to have a basement built, all my places had basements.

I moved up the stairs the first thing I saw was another cupboard to the right, again to would be handy for storage, straight ahead there were two bedrooms both bare, one looking out to the back garden the other on the right looking out the front.

To the left of the rooms was a bathroom with a broken toilet and a bath tub, to the right was the third bedroom much smaller than the other two.

Then I saw the attic door above me that would come in handy, I could have the roof sealed and my vampires could sleep safely up there not a bad idea.

But as I walked round the house I couldn’t help feeling that something evil was watching me, I am evil so why would something follow me.

I liked the house and yes I think I was going to buy the place, I walked down the stairs and then stopped the idea of buying gone out of my head.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs was my Lucy; I stood there and looked at her what magic was this.

“Louis I have missed you so much my love”.

It even sounded like her, I didn’t say anything this was magic at its worst, who was doing this.

“Please my darling takes me back”.

Finally I spoke, “I have always had you in my heart Lucy”.

Something was playing a game with me but that was fine I would play along for a while anyway.

Then she changed in front of my eyes, her skin peeled away and the shiny skull grinned at me, then the skull turned a grey colour, then the skeleton stood before me.

The bones turned to dust and all that was left of the vision was a pile of ash on the floor that was blown away by a wind that came from nowhere.

“Very funny now show yourself to me”.

I spoke loudly and my voice boomed around the empty house, I heard laughter coming from the kitchen.

I moved into the kitchen and stopped once more, the black man from the petrol station stood before me, but he had a massive hole in the side of his head, maggots were crawling out of the hole and dropping to the floor.

“My mother said I would meet the devil”, he said to me in a dead pan voice.

Then he vanished and a pile of maggots crawled over the floor, I stepped back as they came towards me and they vanished as something again laughed.

“This is all very good my friend but please show yourself”.


I heard a noise coming from the living room, I slowly made my way there knowing I would see another vision and I wasn’t wrong.

I saw the small dog and couldn’t place it at first then the puzzle fell into place, it was the dog Ben had eaten in the park, it growled at me.

Something was invading my thoughts and using them against me, this was one powerful being but what the hell was it.

The small dog grew before my eyes and soon it was touching the ceiling, it opened its massive mouth and bent towards me, I was out of the room in a flash, I looked back and the dog had vanished.

“Show yourself damn you”, I screamed into the empty house.

This was going to be a very long night, I was very interested in seeing this out and wanted to see what this thing would do next, and this was a demon house.

I looked up the stairs and suddenly hands exploded out of the walls, loads of them, white moist fleshy hands, I could see the moisture on them, they opened and shut their hands as if trying to reach something.

The hands slowly went back into the wall and the wall holes closed up again, I made my way up the stairs and saw a figure waiting for me.

This time I didn’t know who it was, as I got closer I could see that it was a young man maybe no more than nineteen years old, he had black hair and black eyes to match, he looked at me with an evil stare.

“Dare you come into my house”?

I smiled at the thing, I was right the thing was some kind of demon, this was a first for me I had never really thought about demons and if they were true or not.

“So demon this is your house then”.

The demon smiled at me well it was rather like a sneer.

“Yes vampire”.

“Why haunt me demon I am a vampire and I too am dead”.

The demon laughed at me and said, “I’m not dead vampire”.

I laughed “But you can’t exist in the real world demon”.

“Shut up Louis”.

“Yes you know so much about me demon”.

“Yes I do and I want to shop you something”.

“Please do demon”

The demon held out its hand towards me.

“Take my hand”

Then the demon said.

“And I will show you want I have done in my house”.

In stepped forward and took the demons hand, it felt as cold as ice even to me, suddenly everything went black and I could see a white light up ahead getting brighter and brighter.

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