I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


4. Chapter four



I woke up the next evening and found Ben cuddled close to me, he was still in a deep sleep, I was going to get up without disturbing him but as soon as I moved he was awake.

He would be a great body guard as well as a friend; I smiled at him and patted his rump, “Come on boy lets go out”.

I lifted the coffin lid and I climbed out, Ben followed and leaped to the ground, we made our way up the stairs.

I looked out the living room window and saw that it was raining, the house had a few chairs in each room and some tables but it wasn’t really furnished, why would I need lots of furniture.

I didn’t need to put on a coat of course the rain didn’t bother me; it wasn’t as if I was going to catch a cold.

But I had to fit in with the humans, so I crossed the living room and took down a large black coat from one of the hooks on the wall.

I put on the coat and looked at Ben, standing there waiting to go out, “Lets go and feed Ben”.

Tonight I would treat him to a human but he would soon have to get used to cows blood like the rest of us.


The rain lashed down from the heavens as we walked to the park, as I said before I love this park so much and smiled as we walked down the line of trees, was it only yesterday that I had made Ben and his former owner in this park.

Time had no real meaning for me, why would it, I would never age or get ill.

I heard the human calling out to his dog before I saw them, we walked towards the trees and there on the open space of grass was a dog running around, the owner stood to the side calling it.

“Buster come here boy”.

Then more angrily, “Buster come on I haven’t got all night”.

Buster was a tiny jack Russell looked down at Ben, not much of a meal for him; he would have to feed from the owner too.

We stepped into view and the man looked over at the two of us and smiled, as we drew closer I could see he was an elderly man and when I read his mind I found that he had cancer and didn’t have that long left, this made me feel so much better about killing him.

“Hello”, he pointed at his dog, “I’m having a bit of trouble getting my dog to come back”.

I smiled at him, he had white hair and stubble on his chin, I could smell the cancer coming out from the pores of his skin.

“Don’t worry sir”, I said to him and reached down and patted Ben on the head, “My dog will go and get him for you”.

The man looked on as Ben raced onto the grass and headed towards the small jack Russell, the poor thing didn’t stand a chance.

Ben was like a steam train as he bore down on the dog, he took the dog in his mouth in one swoop, and blood sprayed to the ground as Ben bit down and fed on the dog.

The man looked in shock at the scene being played out before him,”Ben come here boy”, I said.

Ben trotted back to me looking up at the old man; blood dripped from his mouth, the ruined body of the jack Russell lay on the grass.

I slapped the old man on the back and laughed, “That was fun man”.

“I why did you do that”, the man said he was still in shock.

I leaned towards him and whispered into his ear, “Because I can”.

He took a step away from me and I looked down at Ben,”Kill him boy”.

The man looked first at my face then down at the large black dog, he turned to run but Ben leaped onto his back, he cried out as he was sent tumbling to the grass.

Ben ripped open the old mans throat and began to lap at the blood which spilled out of the wound.


I left Ben at the park while I took to the skies with the bodies, I can fly you see, it’s easy for me, I think of myself as a bird and up I go.

I hovered over a large lake, then I went down to the ground, I found large rocks and put them into the mans pockets.

I then tied the body of the jack Russell to the old man using his belt, I flew over the lake and at its centre I let the bodies go, they splashed into the lake and then disappeared down into its depths.


I went back and landed in the park, Ben was waiting for me and we set off at a fast walking pace, I was going to show Ben the farm.

We reached the farm and Ben stood looking at me as I fed on a cow, he didn’t know what to make of it, and I could read his mind.

He liked the taste of human blood but I made him come over to me and he fed a little on the cow, he was full from the two killings so didn’t want much blood.

He was not pleased I could tell but I looked into his eyes and said to him,”Ben you cant keep killing humans, we have to stay well hidden”.

He starred at me as I went on, “One day we will not need to hide the bodies but for now if we kill we have to get rid of the bodies, so it’s better to feed this way”.

I nodded to the cows glazing in the wooden pen, I owned this farm and the so called farmer was one of my vampires, Percy he was a good servant.

I kept the farm well stocked with cows,pigs,goats,so I didn’t have to feed on cows one day I could have goats blood, boy what a choice ha-ha.

I smiled at Ben and rubbed him under the chin, he liked this and began to lick my hand, “You will get used to it boy”.


After that we made our way back to the house, on the way we meet a young girl out for the night, she wore a short skirt and a low cut top showing off her large bosoms.

She starred at Ben and said in a girlie voice, “OH my god he is so sweet”.

I would never have called the huge black monster sweet but there you go.

“Can I pet him mister”.

“Of course you can love”.

She bent down and began to pet Ben,”Rub him under the chin he likes that”.

The girl began to do this, I could read Bens mind, he wanted to rip the girl apart but I stopped him and he let her continue.

We left the young girl as she walked off for her night on the town she sweetly waved back at me and said, “Thank you mister”.

We went back to the house and I sat about for a little while and went on the lap top, I have a Facebook account and a yahoo account, I use the name Louis Decourt and I have made loads of friends.

If only they knew who they were really talking too, the master vampire himself no less.

I played around for an hour or so, playing the game zombie lane, boy I love that game and talking to a few friends who were on line just about small nothing things.

I liked a few pages and some of the wall posts sent by friends then I click off.

Me and Ben went down into the basement and into the coffin, Ben jumped in after me and we held each other as I closed the coffin lid.

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