I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


15. Chapter fifteen



I went through the bright light and the demon spoke to me.

“I want to show you the history of my house”.

It was like I was watching a news reel, the images came out in front of me, and I stood and got ready to enjoy the show.

“I was a mighty demon in ancient times, people were frightened of my power and might, I was a demon of death, one of many but I liked to pick my victims the evil doers were the best, for some reason they always thought they were above everyone else.

But my time on earth was cut short by a man called Victor, a brute of a man who had no fear in him, he had found a way to contain me and when we meet face to face I thought he was just another human insect and I miss judged him badly.

Using spells and potions made from herbs he rendered me harmless and then sealed my spirit into a metal box and buried me under the ground.

That’s where I stayed for the next couple of century’s until a man had an idea about building a house on this Barron plot of land, while the city and streets grew my plot of land was forgotten.

But this evil little human built his house this very house we stand in now; it was one hundred years ago, that’s how old this house is.

During the building the metal box was found and given to the owner, he waited until the house was complete then one evening he opened the box and let my spirit free, it was good to be back but I had no solid shape.

Of course I could appear to people as almost anything I wished but I lacked a real form but I still haven’t figured that one out, one day I will I’m sure”.

As the demon told me his story I could see images of the events as he went on, I was highly fascinated to say the least, I thought my life was interesting.


“The little man’s name was Toby, he was a cruel evil fucker he liked to torture little boys before having sex with them, his last house had about sixteen bodies under the foundations and he intended to do the same there.

When he opened the metal box it was empty and I didn’t let on that I was out, I wanted to play with him before I killed him.

I have no real shape like I said but I can become solid for a short period of time, long enough to kill and take peoples souls.

I was happy to just stay in the house and let people live in it until you came along Louis, you who has no soul for me to collect, I was tired and ready to sleep.

Any way I played with little Toby he was a sad looking man with glasses and a bald head, he looked like a school teacher, so I started to appear to him, I would appear behind him when he was looking in the mirror shaving.

I appeared as a man with a goats head, he dropped the razor and screamed like a little girl, he ran out of the room and came back, and he thought he was imaging things.

I would appear in the night as he was getting to sleep as a white ghostly form, I would appear when he sat on the toilet as a giant crab reaching out for him.

He was quite mad by the time I killed him, it was easy and I must admit not much fun, he had lost his mind, I threw him out of the top window and he feel to his death breaking his neck on the stone slabs below.


After a few months the Hughes family moved in now they were fine at first, there was Jack the father and Marion the mother and their two children Paul and Becky.

Things were fine for years I let them stay, I only had a taste for evil doers like I said before, sometimes Paul who was the youngest would see me out of the corner of his eye, some kids have a special gift for seeing ghosts and demons.

But I didn’t get in there way and left them all alone but it had to happen and it was Jack that made me mad once more, he had a lovely wife in Marion I had often watched her naked and she had a good body, nice plump breasts and a mound of brown hair between her legs.

Any human would be proud to have her as a wife but Jack went and had an affair with some slut from work of course I had to make him pay.

Now I didn’t tell you this before but I can only stay on this plot of land I once tired to step over the line of the plot and you know what happened I just found myself back in the house, so I am confined to his land and this house or whatever is built on it.

I drowned Jack in the bath tub, first i appeared as his girlfriend naked and the look on his face, “What the fuck are you doing here my wife”.

“Shut up big boy”, I replied to him

He lay in the bath looking at me in horror.

“My god my wife will see you”.

I walked over to him and pushed his head under the water, he put up a good struggle for a while but soon he was dead, you see I could if I wished rip the bodies apart and scatter their remains all over the house but that would draw to much attention, so I made the death like normal suicide.

Poor Marion was so broken up about Jacks death and when she found he had a lover that made it even worse, needless to say she and the kids moved out, I missed them a little bit; young Paul was a fine little chap.


The house stayed vacant for some years after that no one seemed interested in buying the place, the poor house and the gardens became run down and unused.

The gardens looked like a jungle and then one day a couple of young men looked at the place they were film makers and were making a horror movie and the house would be perfect.

They rented it out for two weeks, I had some fun with them like making things go missing and breathing on people with foul breath, soon the rumour was that the house was haunted.

Then two days before the end of the rent period the main actor turned up and I immediately knew what he was hiding he had killed a girl a few years back and made it look like an accident.

She was going to the press about the fact that he liked little boys, I move in on him straight away, I appeared as the dead girl and pointed at him, I made sure her face was half skeleton and she had a skeleton hand as she pointed.

He screamed and collapsed, he was out for a minute or two and they put him in one of the bedrooms while someone went for a doctor.

But this man would not need a doctor, as soon as he woke I was in front of him again as the dead girl, he cried out and got out of the bed.

I went over to him and picked him up and lifted his body over my head, I threw him through the window and he screamed as he went down, he didn’t die straight away they took him away in an ambulance but I heard he died two days later.

The movie crew left I don’t think they ever did finish that movie but what the hell it had been a little fun”.

The demon paused I was enjoying the show.

“Do you want me to go on Louis?”

“Of course demon I am fascinated”.

“Good then on I shall go”.

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