I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


18. Chapter eighteen



I walked in the countryside big Ben trotting besides me I saw the Hudson factory across the stream and thought how ugly a monster like that surrounded by such beauty.

The sewer tunnels ran into the stream near the Hudson factory and the rumours had been around for years about giant rats and leeches as big as a man ‘s foot, sucking the blood out of it’s victims a little bit like us vampires really.

I found the old ruined house and Ben went under the shade of a tree, I had some sun block on as I said we could go out in the sun light it just limited my powers and made me feel weak the sun block would help my face not getting wrinkled.

They turned up about an hour later and a saw the fat director Wayne he looked over at me and smiled and came over.

“Great to see you Louis”.

I shook his hand I liked this man for some reason.

Then I saw Austin the scum bag I would kill him very soon, he didn’t look over at me and started to bark out orders to the extra’s who were being made up to look like zombies by the make up artists.

The first scene was the extra’s playing the zombies stumbling down the garden path to the front door and then banging on it, the scene took ten takes before Wayne was happy then it was lunch time.

Me and ben slipped away and went into the sewer tunnel by the stream, we slept inside the dark for a couple of hours as a awoke I was sure that something was watching me; I looked down the tunnel but could see nothing.

We went back and I could read that Ben wanted to rip the fat man apart his voice was getting on Bens nerves I smiled good old Ben.

The next scene was inside the house one of the survivors would get bitten, the scene took ages before Wayne was happy the actor who was getting bitten kept laughing and the zombie extra tripped a few times but it was all taken in good fun.

Then the fat man shouted.

“Okay people that’s a wrap we meet again tomorrow morning”.

I and Ben left the house and as luck would have it there was a fire in an old warehouse in London an instant crematorium for my victims.


I spotted the man and landed in the alley he was just about to rape the young girl on the ground, she was unconscious having hit her head on the ground when the man had hit her.

The man was a scum bag as I read his thoughts, he had no job no qualifications and was a loser in life this would be the eighth girl he had raped and he had yet to be caught I was doing the human race a flavour.

“Hey Norman you big girlie pussie gay boy”.

It was a nick name from his school and he hated it big time.

He stopped and zipped up his trousers he looked round the dark alley.

“Who the fuck is that”.

This would be fun for a short time only.

“I am the werewolf of London and I am going to rip you apart Norman”.

He stood up and took out a knife.

“I am going to cut you so bad motherfucker”.

Big ben stepped out from the shadows, the man gasped as he saw the huge beast in front of him; Ben growled at him and made his eyes turn red a trick I had taught him.

The man cried out and dropped the knife it clanged to the ground and he ran but he was no match for the giant dog and Ben leaped onto his back.

Ben’s big head kept going back and forth as he ripped the man apart; I could hear him lapping at the blood with his large tongue.

I dragged the girl into the street and sat her underneath a clothes shop window; someone would see her soon and phone for an ambulance.

I fly into the air and dropped the mangled body of the rapist into the warehouse fire.

Now it was my turn to feed.


I saw the big policeman walking down the street, he was looking into the alley ways and the dark shadows of the shops that lined the street.

He was a big fucker at easily six foot seven and with a bald head under his helmet and he was a sick fucking bastard.He loved to intimidate people with his sheer size and loved to pick on smaller men that gave him a massive ego trip.

Bobby Laws of all surnames was a mean bastard he was getting paid by most of the shop keepers on his beat as protection money if they didn’t pay he would get some of his buddies to burn down their shops while they were tied inside them.

He was a single man ever since he had beaten his girlfriend up for looking at another man and that was two years ago.

Now he got his kicks from porn films the sicker the better, he loved rape porn and gang bangs with loads of men onto one woman and then they would all come over her face and body.

He was a nasty piece of work and had once watched a girl being raped because it turned him on so much, he had let the rapist go and then pretended to find the girl later.

A black man that he hated in a gang he got rid of by telling a rival gang stories about him, the rival gang stabbed him to death and that had made Bobby very happy.

He was a nasty fucker and it would be my pleasure to kill the fucker.

The large cop walked on and I stepped into his pace keeping just behind him, I saw his head twitch as he realized he was being followed, he turned his head round the street was empty.

He continued to walk on I was right behind him once more, this time I almost slipped up as I past an alley I saw a shape watching me, and I almost didn’t make it in getting away.

But when Bobby turned his head the street was empty again, who had been watching me again I seemed to have a stalker.

The large cop turned into a train station and went onto the deserted platform and he looked up and down it.

I sat down on a seat and watched him.

He turned and saw me sitting there.

“What are you doing buddy”.

I starred at him not smiling he was a nasty fucker he was thinking how he could beat the hell out of me and get away with it.

“I’m not your buddy fuck face”.

“Fuck face you little wanker you are going to wish you were never born”.

He moved towards me with his truncheon out and at the ready.

Ben jumped onto the platform he had gone the long way round going down the grass embankment and onto the tracks.

I felt fear come out of every pore in his body as he looked at the huge beast in front of him.

He looked at me.

“Is this your dog buddy”?

“I’m not your buddy and yes it is arsehole”.

I moved quickly and had him in a tight lover’s embrace I tore into his throat and sucked out his life giving blood.

I was not going to change him he did not deserve that and he would make a bad vampire anyway.

I took his body up into the sky and dumped it into the warehouse fire.

I returned to the station and Ben as I took Ben in my arms ready to fly off I saw the shape watching me again, it was way down on the railway tracks.

It looked like a man then it was gone.

I took off into the air wondering who or what it could be after all I had already meet a demon.


At home I went onto face book for a short time but not much was going on I liked a few post’s and I joined a page that was called rack of the day, it showed a large breasted woman daily it was so funny, rack of the day indeed.

I had a friend request from a woman called Christmas red and of course her profile was just drawn pictures taken off Google a bit like mine.

Well I couldn’t take a picture of myself could I; it was true that vampires didn’t show up on film.

I went down into the basement with big Ben and we got into our coffins, I would take Ben to a vampire house soon.

I’m sure he would like it, I think he was getting a little bored being with me sometimes but he was loyal and would never think these thoughts he was a good dog and if I could love then I loved him.

Ben was a solid wall a thing that man feared, a huge beast from people’s nightmares, a thing of horror stories to make children hide under their sheets at night and sleep with the light on.

He was a monster to humans and a pussy cat to me, I know he loved me in his vampire way and he would do anything to protect me but I was in need of a new companion and I knew just who.

Sally Renshaw who was at the vampire house in Worthing would be his next companion, she had made a good vampire and he loved her long flowing ginger hair.

Yes big Ben could have a break from me; he would serve the vampire house well and could still go for his rabbit hunts now and again.

I closed my eyes and then thought of my stalker, who was it and why did it or he watch me from afar, it had to be an it no human would get that close to watching me without me knowing straight away.

I had a feeling deep inside me that I knew who it was but I kept this feeling hidden, I didn’t want to think about that just yet, I would sort Sally out soon and Ben too.

I lay here waiting for sleep to come but my head was filled with different thoughts going round and round inside my brain.

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