I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


8. Chapter eight



Now the night before when I had been on the inter net I had noticed a news story about two vampires who lived in London of course I could tell straight away that they weren’t but they were trying to say that they were and how they fed on blood.

Now this I had to see for myself and I thought it would make a great game to play, I was always thinking up ways to make life fun.

When I and Ben got up that night I told Ben to go out on his own, he was more than willing to do this; he didn’t need me to look after him.

I told him not to leave any dead bodies about and to feed on the live stock at the farm, he seemed a bit pissed off with this but I knew he would obey.

So I set of for London I knew exactly where this two idiots lived, I flew into the night air and marvelled at the cluster of beautiful stars above me.

I was soon in London town and I flew over the top of big ben and in five minutes I was at the flat, I stood on the landing the flat was on the top storey of the four storey building and as I looked over the edge of the stone wall I saw it was quite a drop to the bottom.

Now I was going to pretend to be a reporter, these people loved to be the centre of attention and would easily believe me but of course with my powers I would make sure they believed me.

I knocked on the front door and waited at first I thought maybe they were out and then I heard some foot steps from within.

The door opened and a thin woman with dark hair looked out at me, she had lovely green eyes and I smiled at her, she must have been only in her twenties and she was rather pretty.

“Yes can I help you”, she looked about the landing and I could read her mind, she was scarred of her neighbours since the vampire thing people made fun of them and threw things at their front door.

I held out my hand, “HI I’m Ron and I’m a reporter I would like to do a story on you”.

I held out a card it was blank but she saw my reporters card and opened the door, I knew it they loved publicity even if it meant being hated, the spot light these two loved the spot light.

She showed me inside and sat me down in the living room, it had two chairs and a sofa I sat on the sofa, there was a large framed picture of a vampire coming out of a crypt, I liked it and in fact I would take the picture back with me.

Not much else in the living room, there was a small unit with bric and brac inside, “Would you like a tea or coffee”, said the woman from the kitchen.

“No thank you I thought you were vampires”

“Oh we are but we have to keep things for guests”, came the reply.

I smiled this was going to be so much fun, then a man appeared from the hallway he looked down at me and went into the kitchen he spoke with his wife and came back out.

He shook my hand, “So you are a reporter and would like a story”.

“Yes I think it would make excellent reading”.

He sat down in a chair and his wife came into the room and sat on the arm of his chair.

“I am count Dracula and this is my wife countess Vanessa”.


Of course the two of them had their name changed, how funny can you get, I let out a small laugh.

“What’s so funny”, said the man he was a young man and very good looking I have to say if I didn’t have ben I might have been tempted.

“Sorry but you two must have had your names changed what’s your real names”.

“Look Mr”, the man starred at me with his dark brown eyes.

“Please call me Ron”.

“Yes we have changed our names but only because we each had a vision and found out our true self’s”.

“Okay good start”, I said smiling at them both.

“We have to drink blood every day but we keep this in the fridge, going outside to feed is too much trouble we have the blood sent here”, the man carried on.

“It’s a hard life being one of the undead but it has its perks as well”.

“Perks what about the neighbours who hate you and throw things at your door surely you could just deal with that”.

The man looked a bit lost now; he was thinking how did I know that, “It’s not as easy as that this is not a movie Ron”.

“Oh come now Dracula a vampire can kill at will it has no feelings towards humans”.

“Again you are so wrong Ron you are looking at it all from a movie point of view”.

“Okay then tell me what powers you do have”.

The man looked at his wife, I could tell that he was hungry and wanted me to go so he could have his fish and chips.

“We have to sleep in coffins we can’t go out in the sunlight that is true but as far as power goes we are strong but the other powers are limited”.

“So you could say you are in fact human”.

The man laughed a nervous laugh and saw that I had no note pad in my hands.

“Are you writing this down”?

I patted my head, “It’s all being store up here”.

“No we are not human Ron”.

“So what are you sub human”, I laughed out loud this time.

“What the hell is so funny Ron”?

I stopped laughing and said, “Show me your fangs”.

Of course I knew they were fake the stupid bastards had them put on permanently.

They both flashed their long fangs and then I done something I flashed mine too.

The man and woman starred at me in horror, “What the hell was that”, he said.

“My fangs I’m a vampire too”.

Then the man seemed to settle down and he laughed “Oh I get this you think it’s all so funny”.

“No I don’t honest just look at my fangs compared to yours”.

The man looked at my teeth again and I made my fangs rise up, they were long and sharp then I retracted them and they went down.

“Now that’s what you call real fangs not ones that are stuck on”.

“My god how you do that”, he said in wonder.


These two were starting to bore me now, they both sat their unsure what to do.

“So Larry Cross you want me to go so you can have your fish and chips with brown sauce nice”.

I looked over at his wife and said “And Wendy you are wondering if your lover Peter will take you back after all this”.

She starred at me in horror and Larry starred at her,”Peter what the fuck”, Peter was a mate of his from his school days.

I could see the thought of his wife fucking his friend really made him sick this was now fun.

“Yes and she loves sucking his big cock Larry it’s so much bigger than your little one”

He turned to me and for a second I thought he was going to jump at me but no he was scared shitless of me, he put his hands together and began to intertwine his fingers.

“My god of all people Wendy”.

“I’m sorry Larry it just happened”.

Then I said, “So vampires fuck them too”.


I stood up and said to them, “Can you do this”, and then I rose to the ceiling and touched it and then came slowly back down and touched down on the green and blue circled carpet.

I went for Wendy first and quickly drew her into my arms I drank the blood out of her throat and when she went limp I cut my wrist and let her feed a little, I dropped her to the carpeted floor.

Larry was just starring at me, he looked down at his wife as she moaned on the floor and all her body fluids spilled out the stink was horrible what the hell had she been eating.

She stripped off her clothes the shit and piss still on her naked body, she looked good naked, a small ginger triangle between her legs and nice plump breast’s the nipples sticking out.

“Now kill that fuck and let’s get out of here”, I said to her.

She jumped on her husband and he tried to fight her off, punching her in the mouth but her head sprang back and caught him around the throat with her new fangs, she fed on him and then cut her wrist and he fed.

I let them both shower and change their clothes, they would be staying at a place just outside London, and the vampire army house still had a few more spaces to fill.

I grabbed both of them around the waist and flew them to their new home; of course I had done the ritual of making them my slaves they would only answer to the house leader and mainly me.

I flew back to the flat and set it on fire, and then I made my way home.

Ben was back and waiting for me I patted his head and read his mind, he had been a good boy and had fed at the farm he had also ran down a fox and killed that but that was fine who would care about a chewed up dead fox.

We went into my coffin and I could read that Ben now wanted his own coffin, I promised him I would sort that out tomorrow and I asked him if he liked the vampire picture from the flat, he told me in his mind that he did.

I had put the picture in the basement so we could look at it when we woke up each night; I patted his head and said good night to him.

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