I am the wind that brushes across your face

The journal of a vampire who has lived for centurys and now is having so much fun.
He owns his own night club called the hell pit and wants to make an army of the undead.
This is his own words day by day as now he feels the need to write it all down.
Enjoy his adventures as he will add more and more to the journal as it happens.


1. Chapter one





I am the wind that brushes across your face as I go by to quick for the eyes to see, if happened today so that’s why I write this down.

I saw the man standing in the street he looked so lonely and out of place, some how the brown coat just didn’t match his surroundings.

I walked past him quick than the human eye can see; he moved his feet as the wind brushed his face looking around at nothing, wondering what had just happened.

I love to play games with the humans, I know I shouldn’t but what the hell I have no feelings towards them any way.

I will write down on a daily basis now all that happens during my night, the night time is my day time, I can actually walk in the day light but I have to cover up and it makes me so weak and vulnerable.

So I only do that if I must but the night time is my time to roam the streets looking for fun, life can get so boring after you have lived for centuries.

Tonight i swept past that man I didn’t kill him not tonight, I wanted to see his face to see if he was scared and yes he wondered what it was, his face made me laugh silently to myself.

I don’t always feed on humans, there is a farm close by and some times I will feed on the cattle just taking a little blood from a few at the time.

The cattle are so easy to control with my mind, they stand there while I do my business not a care in the world.

After I scared the man I made my way to the farm and it took me less than ten minutes to fill myself up with cattle blood.

Now I wanted to play, the town close by had a night club and guess who is the owner, you guessed right its me, I have so much money I don’t know what to do with it, I opened hells pit two years ago and its doing really well.

Down stairs at the pit there is a huge bar and dance floor up the stairs is another bar area and a smaller dance floor, plus on this level is my room.

It’s a studio room very big, I have a bed in there and a few odds and sods lying around the place, I mainly use it as an escape.

Next door to this is my office, a large room with a desk and two chairs in front of it, the manager of the club who is also a vampire looks after the place for me when I’m away.

In fact all the staff at the pit are the undead, I would never use humans to tempting ha-ha, and so on this night I paid a visit to the pit. I call the place the pit instead of using its full name.

Hells pit has been a real hell to a lot of people who have messed with me in the past.

I went quickly into the club brushing past the people on the dance floor; people turned their heads and wondered what had brushed past them.

One young girl with huge breasts stopped dead on the dance floor looking around the expression on her face was priceless.

I went into the office and saw the manager; he looked up in surprise even vampires get surprised sometimes. “Boss” he said.

Bobby was a good man a big fucker, he had been a bodybuilder in his living days, he was black with a bald head and he looked as mean as a coyote.

“What’s happening Bob”.

“We might have a problem tomorrow night boss I was going to call you”.

“Really what sort of trouble”.

“There are a new gang in town trying to rule everything and they want to meet with you tomorrow”.

“So they want to muscle in on my club”.

“I think so boss”.

“So tomorrow its human blood great that is just splendid Bobby”.

Bobby smiled he knew what that meant he too would feed well tomorrow.

“Okay Bob call them and say that I will meet them here in my office at eight o’clock”.

“No problem boss”.

“I’m going to my room for a bit Bob just to chill out”.

“Okay boss”.

I went to my room and locked the door, I will stay here tonight, and I turned on the video monitors and looked at the scenes being played out in the club.

Girls and boys dancing away not a care in the world little did they know that hungry strong vampires were all around them.

It was my dream to build a vampire army and so far I was doing well, I had purchased building to keep my vampires in, it was easy to control them I make them with a little of my blood not too much, they could never be as strong as i.

Then as soon as they changed i would go into their minds and make them my puppy dogs they would obey me only as long as I lived.

I had several vampire houses in London and here in Kent but my goal now was to go world wide.

I thought about these things and wrote them down for the start of my journal, I am looking forward to tomorrow evening.

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