one direction tour

leah lynch is a one direction fanatic. she has just about anything you could think of thats one direction related. when she gets a vip pass to their concert and harry invites her to come on tour with them they become friends. leah falls for one of the boys but wich one find out in one direction tour


2. the tickets

charlies pov

leah was over for a sleepover so we could get one direction tickets. it was 1am and we were both pretty tired but stayed up to get one direction tickets. we were watchin stuff on you tube and going on twitter and stuff and after a while it was 3:34 am so me and leah went on to a websight to get the tickets. after one minute we found out that we got

A ticket we only got one ticket that was a vip pass so only one of us could go but because i already saw one diection i let leah go. we spent the rest of the night going on twitter and facebook telling EVERYONE i got a VIP pass to one direction.

leahs pov

i can't beleive i got a VIP pass to one diretion i was sooooooooo excited but really upset that charlie couldn't come with me we spent the rest of the night on twitter and facebook bragging that i got a VIP pass to one direction. we tried staying up all night but fell asleep at 5;30am.


the next day


leahs pov

we both woke up around 10:00 am and decided to make some signs for the show. when we were done making a killer poster it said marry me harrry with stars all around it.



i'm really sorry for such short chapters oh and i know i'm pretty terible at writing but sadly i trie my hardest sorr if its bad




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