one direction tour

leah lynch is a one direction fanatic. she has just about anything you could think of thats one direction related. when she gets a vip pass to their concert and harry invites her to come on tour with them they become friends. leah falls for one of the boys but wich one find out in one direction tour


1. going shopping

leah's pov

i was going shopping with my best freind charlie. we both loved one direction so we went sraight to the official one direction store. when we finally got there loads of girls were screaming and shouting but charlie and i took no notice of it. after a while of shopping we went home. when we were home we both took a look of what we bought.

charlie had got 3 one direction t-shirts a framed picture of them 5 braclets with thier names on each one and 5 one direction books. i got the same just with different pictures on the shirts and different books. when we finished talking about them and charlie put her stuff in her bag we started to re-decorate my room.

now my room had posters covering all the walls, a set of draws as my bed side table that had my framed picture of them and my one direction alarm clock. then we switched my wardrobe and desk around and put my new shirts in the wardrobe. we also rearanged my desk that now had one direction books,bracelets,rings,pens,pencils and my school stuff.

when we had finished my room we went next door to charlies house and made her room pretty much the same.

charlie invited me over for a sleepover because the one direction tickets came out ay three in the morning so we were going to stay up all night.


if you couldn't tell this is my first story so please no hate


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