Unforbidden Love

Well... I'm writing this story for the Valentine's competition. It's a one shot so it's only going to be one chapter :D
I would really like some feedback porfavor.
And if you could read my other stories too ? (:

Okay. Carry on (:


1. He's back.

"Harry!" I said as I stepped out of my house climbing down my porch quickly.

Harry had just returned from his USA tour and finally had time to visit me.

He had just retrieved his suticases from the trunk of the cab when I jumped into his arms.


He picked me up from the ground and spun me around making me giggle and him chuckle.

"Hi love,"


"I missed you. " I said my face glowing.

"It's been so long, Haz"


"I know, Blue. I'm sorry I'm always leaving.

It's just you know. I never knew One Direction would get this big

and here we are almost three years later." He said his face also glowing.


"I know Harry. t's just that your never here, y'know?

I just miss you is all."


"Well, how about we go take a walk in the park?

Like before?" Harry asked taking a hold of my hand and interlocking our fingers.


I melted at his touch. "Of course, Haz." I replied smiling.


"But first, lets go to my house and drop off my luggage while I go greet my mum.

Has she been okay ? I havent seen her in forever either, y'know?


"Yeah, I know. We always hang out. She's always been like a second mum to me." I said grinning. Anne was like one of my girlfriends. She always gave amazing advice and was always there for me.


"Y'know. She always liked you the best," Harry said pecking me on the cheek

making my cheeks go a rosy pink.  I just nodded and smiled.


We only had to walk a little since we were next door neighbors.

That's how we first met.



"Well before we go in, how about a proper hug from my best friend?" he said spreading those big muscular and toned arms.


Right. Best friends. Thats all we'll ever be....






(AN; Well that wa sprobably the most horrible one shot ever .-.

i'm so sorry for this horrible writing ._.

well, thats the best i could do. i hope someone enjoys this :D)

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