Valentine's Day with 1D

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Name : Chloe Guzman
Age : 12
Country : Usa


1. Valentine's Day with 1D


Im spending valentines day alone, as usual. Tonight I deiced to go to a party, my best friend Caitlin is taking me, since we both don't have any plans. After getting ready I find a beautiful silver sparkly dress with silver 4inch heels and curled my hair perfectly. It looked as if I did have a date. It's time to head out, I grab my jacket, purse, and phone and went out the door. Caitlin was waiting for me in the car already. She didn't tell me what club were going to but I bet it's going to be great. We pull into a parking lot. I notice a sign that says "reserved for customers of Tropicals only." Tropicals? .. Hmm.. Seems nice. It was very busy.. with couples in the restaurant and single people mingling with each other in the bar. I see this one man, he looked so handsome! When he smiled a dimple came out, he noticed me staring. He smiled at me then stood up and walked over. 

"Hello, i'm Harry and you are?" 

"Chloe." I say very shyly. Caitlin walking away to a boy that was sitting next to Harry. 

"Wanna sit with us?" He asked, smiling the whole time.

"I would love too" I gave him a giant smile. 

After a while of laughs shared around me and Harry have already gotten very close. and so has Caitlin and Zayn. Zayn is one of Harrys best friend. He was very attractive too. I could tell tonight was going to be great! Around 1, Caitlin wanted to go home because she felt sick.

"We'll take you home." Harry announced.

I gave him a quick smile then looked back at Caitlin.

"We brought her car here." I said.

"I'll take her home then." Zayn responded quickly, while helping her get up. She got her keys and the left holding hands. I could tell Caitlin liked him and he liked her too. 

"Mind if I take you to my flat for a while?" He asked me.

"Not at all." I replied.

4 years later, Caitlin and Zayn are still together and so are me and Harry. Both of our anniversary's are on Valentines day because of that night. It was a fairy tale come true.

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