The shooting

What happens when Jess and her 3 other friends find themselves in a situation every girl would want to be in but would dread for the rest of their lives. Jess 17 is a directioner and is at one directions consert when hundreds of girls suddenly die before her eyes after a shooting occured at the consert. How did Jess survive and meet one direction and her true love?


9. visiter


~jess POV~

While sipping on my juice box the nurse walked.

"are you feeling ok?"

"are yeh, i am a bit bored though,  when can i leave?"

"the docter said tomorrow, do you feel ok if a visiter comes in?" the nurse said holding my hand.

i pulled away in excitement.

"absolutly" i squealed.

the nurse walked out of the door signilling the visiter in i was so excited to see someone from outside of the hospital. but who would it be, i have no parents nor friends because my besty is in a comer in the room next to me.

the tall curly haired boy walked with a hooding on, as soon as he takes it off

"OMG, your harry styles." i swear i nearly fainted.

he was the one and only harry, the guy who saved my life how could i ever repay him. this explains all the girls screaming outside the hospital.

"yes i am, how are you feeling luv?" he replied as i gazed into his extrodanHARRY eyes.

"much better" i didnt know what to say.

"i am sorry about your friends"

tears started to form in my eyes,

"its ok thankyou for saving my life harry."

harry leaned in and gave me a hug his curls were so beautiful and he was so warm.

i pulled out of the hug and stared in his eyes.

"hey jess, can i have your number?"

"are sure."

we swaped phones and typed them in.

"ok i better go, get some rest ok." harry said walking out the door..

"ok, text me." i replied as harry winked at me.

i went to harrys contact on my phone it made me laugh at his contact name.


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