The shooting

What happens when Jess and her 3 other friends find themselves in a situation every girl would want to be in but would dread for the rest of their lives. Jess 17 is a directioner and is at one directions consert when hundreds of girls suddenly die before her eyes after a shooting occured at the consert. How did Jess survive and meet one direction and her true love?


6. scared


~jess 17 POV~

my eyes fluttered open and a killer pain struck my leg. as i looked down the boy i have always loved was sound alseep laying his head on my chest. my leg was bloody and saw and i had a thumping headace. where was i? what happened? on the couch opposite me i noticed a girl, it was chelsea she had a bloody shoulder.

~harry POV~

i opened my eyes and looked back up at the young girl who was shot. she was awake.

"are you ok?" i asked anxiesly.

"i dont think so" the girl replied with her sweet voice. "what happened?"

"you were shot at the consert last night"

"aww" she yelped in pain

"i'm harry whats your name?"


"thats a lovley name, i will just go get the docter from last night to check you out ok"

"ok, harry?"


"where are my other 2 friends?"

oh no what am going to do, what if the are dead?

"umm, i am not sure jess."

"you mean there..."

"i am sorry jess." i ran over and gave her a hug, she cried in my arms for about 20 minutes untill she let go, she had the most amazing eyes i had ever seen the were hyptmitising.

"i'm sorry harry"

"babe its alright, its hard many girls died last night i will do what ever i can to help you."

"thankyou." she gave me a hug and i went and got the docter.

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