The shooting

What happens when Jess and her 3 other friends find themselves in a situation every girl would want to be in but would dread for the rest of their lives. Jess 17 is a directioner and is at one directions consert when hundreds of girls suddenly die before her eyes after a shooting occured at the consert. How did Jess survive and meet one direction and her true love?


11. first date i think


~harry POV~

we both walked into starbucks and orderd coffees and sat by the window.

we played 20 questions to get to know each othe and i found out that she is single and a cat lover i like thins girl very much. i finally broke the ice and held her hand it was a bit awkward but we got used of it. i really wanted to tell her how much i liked her but i never have the guts to tell her.

"harry, is something wrong?" she asked sweetly

"are no sorry i was just daydreaming"

"harry" she looked at me confused "whats on your mind"

"you really want to know?"

"of course i do, you can tell me anything"

i felt safe with her

"ok, well, i really like you jess."

"oh, well harry i really like you too." she smiled



"great, so would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"yes harry!" she squealed

i was so happy i never thourght i was going to get that reaction from her. this was the best day of my life!

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