The shooting

What happens when Jess and her 3 other friends find themselves in a situation every girl would want to be in but would dread for the rest of their lives. Jess 17 is a directioner and is at one directions consert when hundreds of girls suddenly die before her eyes after a shooting occured at the consert. How did Jess survive and meet one direction and her true love?


5. blood

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" the screams of girls filled the room, people running to all different directions. security were running everywhere and i loud gun shots were getting fired around the stadium.

i ran a fast as i could but then falling to the ground seeing blood poor from my leg.

~harry POV~

"Louis hurry get a girl" i yelled

I ran as fast as i could to a girl on the ground who looked uncontous dead bodies all around me and it was because of me. louis grabbed the girl next to the girl i had and ran backstage where most of our body guards were protecting us. as soon as we laid the 2 uncontious girls on the couch nurses raced to them i stayed by the girl in green holding her hand. i was so scared. i wonder how many girls were killed. all the hate we will get now. a rush of guilt formed in my heart as i started to cry over the beautiful girl laying before me.

~louis POV~

i couldnt believe it. how could this happen. i walked over to harry, he was crying on the girls forhead letting his tears run down his face. all the boys were stressed and tried to confert harry as liam was trying to convince the guards to let him out to save many other girls dieing out side. you could still hear the screams of young girls in pain. i knew this would be a good story for the papparzi but not a good future for us.

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