The shooting

What happens when Jess and her 3 other friends find themselves in a situation every girl would want to be in but would dread for the rest of their lives. Jess 17 is a directioner and is at one directions consert when hundreds of girls suddenly die before her eyes after a shooting occured at the consert. How did Jess survive and meet one direction and her true love?


1. Jess

My name is Jess and i am a typical directioner. I am 17 and my best 2 friends are Chelsea and Jess which are sisters, Chelsea 17 and Jess 15. I have a sister Amy 17 we are actually twins but we dont look the same. I have blonde hair below my shoulders i am quite tall, have green eyes and would say i am medium size.

Chelsea has brown straight hair below the shoulders and is also quite tall and thin.

Jess has dark brown think hair below her shoulder and is tall for her age and thin.

Amy has brown hair below her shoulders with blonde foils and is tall and thin.

I am not very popular at school so these people are like family to and I love them. I love Harry, Chelsea loves Niall, Jess and Amy both love Louis. We got front row tickets to the one direction consert and can not wait.

A/N: Hi I hope you guys continue reading it only gets better. I actually thought of this idea from a dream i have but let me kow what you thing and comment below or just kik me :)

My kik is: jesslovesharrystyles

Enjoy xxoo JESS

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