Crazy Love

I'm Angie. Now if I tell you what's going to happen it'll be a spoiler alert!!!So just read!!:)


5. Why is Eleanor mad???

ANGIE PROV. I walke in as u saw everyone moving my stuff into the house. I can't believe I was moving in with Niall. He was the perfect guy and I was going to be living with him! He came from behing me and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I love you" I said. "I love you more" he said. I smiled and faced him. We kissed. I heard a knock. I opened the door and saw Eleanor. "Hey" I said. "Hey Angie" she said. She looked at Niall and tried to give him a smile. But I think we all know it was fake. Did she hate Niall or something? Why would she? He is the best person ever! I walked up to Niall and gave him a hug. "I just came to see whic room would be mine and Louis' she said. "here I will come show you" Niall said as he showed her upstairs. I stayed. I smiled as I looked at the house. I couldn't believe I was moving in with my boyfriend. I smiled and heard my phone ring. It was Joey. "Hello?" I said. "Hey Angie how are you?" he said. "Fine...but why are you calling me?" he asked. "Well I heard that your moving in with your boyfriend Niall Horan" he said. "How on earth do you know?" I asked confused. "He is a member of the biggest boy and in the world how would I not know?" he said. "Bye" I said then hung up. I earased his number. Niall came back down. Eleanor came to then she left. "Did she like her room?" I asked. "Ya" he said. I smiled as gave him a hug. After we finally fixed our room up. I hopped on Nialls bed. I kicked off my shoes and layed down. I got into the covers. He took off his shirt and layed down next to me. I hugged him tight. "I missed you a lot" I said. "I missed you too" he said. "Did you notice the tention in the room when Eleanor looked at you?" I asked. He turned off the lights. He layed back down. "No not really why?" he asked. "Just asking she seemed like she was mad at you" I said. "I don't think she is" he said. "Oh" I said. Then I turned. "Are you okay my love?" he asked. "Ya" I said. I turned back around and gave him a kiss. I hugged him and fell asleep. I woke up. I didn't see Niall. I got up and put my hair up. I got dressed and walked downstairs. Harry as the only one there. "Hello" he said. "Hey! Do you know where Niall is?" I asked as I watched him try to cook. "ya he went to go to and interview" he said. "And how come you didn't go?" I asked. "I'm really sick" he said. He poured himself some coffee and sat down. "Oh" I said I sat down in front of him. I put my hands together. "Soooo you you know why Eleanor would be mad at Niall?" I asked. "What do you mean?" he aske then took a sip. "You shouldn't be drinking coffee more like tea" I said as I took his cup. I got up and put the sink in the cup. I started to make him some tea. "Well she came over yesterday and she looked at him like he just ran over puppies" I said. "Well did he say anything to upset her?" he asked. "I don't think so? I mean she just walked in" I said. "Oh well you should prababily ask Louis" he said. I brought him his cup of tea. "Ya I should!" I said. I walked upstairs and knocked on Louis and Eleanor's door. Louis answered it. "Hey can I talk to you?" I asked. He let me in. He was all alone. I think he was sleeping. "Don't you have an interview?" I asked. "Ya I just couldn't make it" he said. "So what did you want to talk to me about?" he asked. "Well do you might know a reason that Eleanor would be mad at Niall?" I asked. He looked scared. "No-no-no " he said as a stutter. "oh okay?" I said. "I guess I will have to talk to her about it" I said as I stood and and walked out the door. Why does nobody know? I called her phone. "Hey" she said. "Hey it's me Angie!" I said. "Oh hey" she said. "I just wanted to know if you were mad at Niall or something?" I asked. "Uh why" she said stuttering. "Just asking what's going on?" I asked. "Uhhh nothing" she said. "Okay" I said. I hung up the phone. Then I heard someone open the door. I ran up to him and kissed him. Atleast I had someone to trust here!
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