Crazy Love

I'm Angie. Now if I tell you what's going to happen it'll be a spoiler alert!!!So just read!!:)


2. Best first date ever!!:)

I smiled and put our foreheads together. I just looked into his deep blue eyes. He took a step back. "You should call me" he said. "Let me see your phone" he said. I reached for my phone. But it wasn't there! "I can't find it" he said. "I remember seeing you put it on the stage after the concert" he said. "I can get it some other time" I said. "Or we could just get it now" Niall said smiling. "Okay" I said. He held my hand and we went back in his car. "By the time we come all the way back it will be like three in the morning" I said giggling. "You can stay with me in a hotel" he said with a crooked smile. We drove all the way back. We walked into the place. Niall went to go ask if anyone had saw my phone. I sat down. A guy came up to me. "Hello love" he said. "Hi" I said smiling. "What are you doing here so late?" he asked. "I'm here with Niall" I said pointing to him. "Oh I'm Zayn by the way" he said. "Im Angie" I said. Niall walked back up to us. He took my hand and I stood up. "So you two met?" he asked. "kinda" Zayn said. "So did they find my phone?" I asked. "Yup" he said as he gave it to me smiling. "Now let's go to the hotel" he said. I walked outside. The rain had finally stopped. We drove to a hotel. We finally got to the room. I walked in. He held the door for me. There were two beds. I layed in one. He walked into the restroom. Wow was! He was just do perfect! He came out. He took his shirt off and walked to the other bed. "Wow" I whispered to myself. It was freezing. I shivered. I guess he saw me vacates he said "Are you cold love?" he asked. "Kinda" I said. He came and layed with me. I hugged him. He was so warm. I buried my face in his chest. He moved the hair out of my face and just looked at me. I smiled. "Your why are you here with me?" I asked as I looked up at his face. "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" he said. I leaned in and have him a peck on the lips. "Goodnight" I said. He smiled. "Goodnight love" then he gave me a peck on the forehead. Then I was fast asleep. The next morning I woke up and hugged him tighter. He was still sleeping. I just smiled. I sat up. I walked into the restroom. When I came out he was awake. "Hello beautiful" he said. I smiled. I sat next to him and kissed him. Then there was a knck on the door. He got Joan's answered it. It was these two guys. One was Zayn an the other was another guy. "Hello love I'm Louis" he said to me as he walked in. "Hi" I said. I put on my shoes. "I have to go drop of Angie" Niall said to them. "You don't have to" I said. "Ya she can stay and hang out with us" Zayn said. That is not what I meant at all. But I kinda wanted to now. Niall looked at me like he was asking if I wanted to. "Sure" I said smiling. "Awsome" Louis said. Then two more guys walked in. "Hello I'm Liam and this is Harry" one of them said to me as they walked in. "So where to first?" Louis asked. "Ummm Six flags!" Harry said. "Sure" Liam said. Everyone went to go get ready. I just sat there with my head down. Niall sat down next to me. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing" I said softly. "Something is wrong! What is it?" he said. "It's just I look terrible" I said. "Then let me go buy sk e clothes" he said smiling as he held my hand and helped me up. "No. I will not let you spend money on me" I said. "Well I am buying you clothes and shoes!" he said smiling. We drove to the store. He bought me some jeans and a dress and this one price with shorts and a shirt. He also bought me three different shoes. He bought me three differen tops. We drove back to the hotel. "After six flags we will go buy you more" he said. "You don't have to" I said. "Yes I do. because you are my princess." he said. I gave him a kiss. I put on the jeans and a cute top. I put on my red converse to match my shirt. He had also bought me a curling iron! I curled my hair and did my makeup. We got into his car an drove to six flags. We met the other guys there. We got off the car and walked to the first ride. We all got in line. Three girls were there. "Hi I'm perrie Zayn's girlfriend and this is Eleanor Louis girlfriend and this is Danielle Liam's girlfriend" she said. "Hi I'm Angie" I said to them. "My princess" Niall said. I just smiled. Harry was the only one without a girlfriend. Then someone walked up to him and smiled. It was Taylor swift. "Hi I'm Taylor Harry's girlfriend" she said to me. "I'm Angie nialls girlfriend" I said. "princess" Niall said. I just giggled. We all stood there waiting in line. Niall hugged me from behind. He put his hat on me. I just smiled and kisses him. I put our foreheads together. The line moved. We stood in line for a long time. A girl from being us screamed and said "Oh my gosh you guys are one direction and Taylor swift" she said. "Can I fake a picture with you guys!" she said. After about 200 people taking pictures we finally got on the ride. It was so fun. I screamed and hugged Niall. Afterwards. We walked off to find another ride. After about three hours of walking my feet hurt! "Do your feet hurt? Are you tired?"Niall asked me. "How do you read my mind?" I said giggling. "Here hop on my back" he said as he bent down. I giggled. "Are you serious?" I said. "Yup" he said. So I hopped on we walked to the next ride. We waited in line. "So how do you get used to people taking pictures of you and stuff?" I asked. "It's happened so many times" he said. I gave him a kiss. "They have fireworks at about nine" he said. "Okay so we will stay then" I said. We moved up in line. "You know this is the most fun I've had...ever" I said. Then WMYB came on. We both laughed. He Sang it to me. "This is the most fun I ever had too" he said. We put our foreheads together. I gave him a kiss. At nine we stayed for the fireworks. I had so much fun. We drove back to the hotel. I sat down on the bed. "This was a date" he said. "Our first date and it was the best first date ever!" I said. He smiled and kissed me passionately.
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