world of chances

Johana ( Joanna ) was once a normal 14 year old girl until the famous one direction band comes into her life and changes EVERYTHING !!!!!!


2. staying for some time

 Liam's pov 
"well that my stop " Johana said sad we all stayed quite for a couple of sec. "umm you guys can come in id you'd like "  " YES!! we will love to "  Niall replied quickly runing out of the tour bus whit Louis runing after him our all of our jaws fell and we started craking up so bad we made these little werid noises "Well are you guys going to hurry up be fore i get soking wet or what ?"  " okay okay calm down sassy bum" zayn replied a bit anoyed " Ouch! well i guess someone didn't get there beauty sleep huh Zayn?"  harry replied  a couple of seconds latter we got off thetour bus i told the bus driver i will call him when we are ready to leave and that he can take a break.

Harry's  povs 
Johana opened the door for us her house was warm and big well not "BIG" but big  we walked to the kichen and niall went hunting for food as for Louis he just when looking for carrots , and zayn well as soon as zayn saw a mirror he stoped and fixed his hair we stared to laugh and we all fell to the ground rolling around NIall took one of Louis carrots when he didn't look but as soon as he found out he took it o gosh we all knew it was the hunger games or world war all over again "Niall give it back its mine" "NO there not and sharing is caring" well you know what Niall i will take all of your food from now on " "hahaha yea like you want to mess whit me" "well you know what fine then keep it Louis but next time don"t ask me to share or else " " haha you see this sassy bum get what he always wants "  Louis replied 

Zayn"s pov 
Johana"s mum had came down stairs she met us and realized who we where we also met here little sister Amy and her dad they seemed verry nice they told us we could stay as long as wee liked and we did it . it was perfect anyways  cuz the tour had just ended 
* 3 weeks later * 
 the boys and I take care of Johana and Amy and Johana"s best friend Kassandra come over every day so her too she is verry nice in a couple of 2 more weeks Johana" parents will leave for a cruse 

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